24 August 2011

17 August 2011

Would a 35-mins live drone set, sped up at 500%, sound like Justin Bieber?

This is the ultimate test.

Recorded in Ghent on May 31st 2011, Belgium at Huis Ligy, a crumbling 15th century mansion. The audio/video was time-stretched 500% faster, and the sound was pitched down 2.4 octave to avoid the chipmunk effect for this video.

15 August 2011

New TQA webstore

We now have a brand new store!

There was something comforting about having all the releases on one page. To add a picture, a description and a paypal button whenever there was a new one. However with the constant increase in new outputs, it became more and more difficult to update my website in a non-frustrating manner. The page is also getting more clogged with each one, and with the popular increase of self-managing webstores out there, I needed to make the move to something more convenient.

You'll find everything on the first page, but more importantly the categories will help you to browse the items that you might've missed. And you'll know which items were newly added to the store... I would also suggest to register to the site for faster checkouts.

To commemorate the opening of this store, I've made a promotional coupon available for 15% off any items that you will purchase until the end of the week (Aug. 21st). Just enter the code: "TQASTOREOPENING" to claim the rebate when you checkout.

Thanks for your continuing support!

Added this week (very limited quantities! like 5 or so) :

- GHIDRAH - The Guitar Years CDR (Brise-Cul Records) - collab between thisquietarmy, AUN & Maggot Breeder/Reuel from Squalor.
- V.A. - Golden Classics 2xCDR (Chat Blanc Reocrds) - featuring an exclusive track by Mains de Givre.
- V.A. - Kito Sounds #3 (Chez Kito Kat) - featuring an exclusive track by Mains de Givre .
- V.A. - Canadian Drones Vol. 1 (0bpm) - featuring an exclusive track by thisquietarmy.

9 August 2011

Aural Diptych #6: Electroluminescent / Giant Claw

Aural Diptych #6: Electroluminescent / Giant Claw
Release date: July 14th, 2011


Double-split 3" CDR placed on a heavy stock folded & printed insert, packaged in a felt-textured harvest yellow envelope, with printed artwork by New York City-based artist Elayne Safir. It includes two sets of diptych photography by Montreal-based artist Meryem Yildiz. Inner artwork by Keith Rankin. This releases comes with a digital download code with bonus tracks. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES ONLY.

ADS06 features two psych cosmic synth kraut lovers. Electroluminescent (2nd release on TQA) from Hamilton, ON - presents 'Lost Time', a ambient-driven conceptual storytelling inspired by french new wave cinema, Eric Rohmer's six moral tales in particular. Meanwhile, Giant Claw reciprocates madly with a massive dose of heavy-psychedelic bubbly chiptunes, fittingly titled 'Nuclear Hellearth'.

Disc 1 : Electroluminescent - Lost Time ++ 1. Two Means Yes / 2. Hidden in Books / 3. Faith and Fate / 4. Mystery Collection / 5. A Single Chance / 6. In The Afternoon*

Disc 2 : Giant Claw - Nuclear Hellearth ++ 1. Nuclear Hellearth pt. 1 / 2. Nuclear Hellearth pt. 2* / 3. Open Fields / 4. Nuclear Hellearth pt. 3

* Bonus Digital Tracks (download included)

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