4 February 2008

’Unconquered’ album out in march 2008; free MP3 single available now!

Thisquietarmy signs to Foreshadow Productions to release its debut album 'Unconquered', that will see the light in March 2008. Foreshadow is fairly new and upcoming record label from Krakow, Poland - www.foreshadow.pl

The album will feature a collaborative track with Aidan Baker (guitar, Nadja) and another one with Meryem Yildiz (vocals), as well as complete original conceptual art pieces by Eric Quach/Thisquietarmy, done specially for the album's artwork. Here's the tracklist, for a total of 54 mins:

01. Immobilization
02. Battlefield Arkestrah
03. Warchitects
04. The Sun Destroyers
05. Death of a Sailor
06. The Great Escapist
07. Mercenary Flags
08. Empire


A free internet MP3 single release called "Battlefield Arkestrah & Dronewars" is already available to stream and download. It features the single "Battlefield Arkestrah" which clocks at more than 8 minutes and its b-side "Dronewars" which clocks at more than 16 minutes for a total of 24 minutes! Exclusively released on Foreshadow.

Cover art by thisquietarmy.

Go listen or download here: thisquietarmy.foreshadow.pl