30 March 2009

thisquietarmy + Caspian in HD

We Are Post Rock presents:
thisquietarmy + Caspian in HD
Live at Divan Orange, March 12th.
(Under The Snow Festival)


The live thisquietarmy video is mostly a filmed montage of my projected visuals on stage as it was pretty dark on stage and the guys could not get good clear shots of me - however i do appear in the end, at 16:35 as to give you an idea. The audio is not the live audio as they had problems capturing it properly, so studio works were used instead. Still, great first effort guys --- I appreciate it, thanks to Joe & Daniel!

Check out the Caspian live video as well. It is a different type of montage, with great transitions and enough light to work with, great shots & good sound, very well done!

21 March 2009

Next shows: March 27th, April 5th

Current works, Vinyl search, Europe booking

Current Works.

A few collaborations. Aun, Yellow6, .cut & Emmanuel Tremblay, Christy Romanick, and more that I probably forget. I am also working a couple of film soundtracks/scores. A few albums at the time, different themes. Remixes for Elika and Auburn Lull for their upcoming split, released by TQA(R). However I am trying not to rush into things. That's always a recipe for disaster. I am trying to maintain my personal quality standards, as there is nothing worse than not being satisfied with one's own work for the sake of putting things out there.

A lot of shows are being planned, locally... I try not to play too often, but I am always offered to play on some great bills that I just don't have a choice but to give in and accept the gig. So fuck it if people think I play too often, they are all different bands with different crowds anyway. Good for visibility, and I don't believe in the whole "tiring your audience" thing. Besides, there is always something different in my sets or my visuals if anyone cares that much. I am really excited to play with Romance of Young Tigers, Exhaust/ex-GY!BE's drummer Aidan Girt's band Please Don't Put Charles On The Money, Dora Bleu, Junius, Mark Templeton, Animal Hospital, Lineland & the whole Sunday Afternoon Drones line-up... Also excited to play a collaborative noise set with Maggot Breeder at the next Sunday Punk Matinée at the Cove.

Last but not least, my new collaborative project with Aun & Maggot Breeder will be called "GHIDRAH", it was stemmed from the tag-team set that we did back in November at the LFH show. We hope it to grow into a full-on project.


Vinyl Treatment.

If there are any label out there who thinks that Unconquered and/or Blackhaunter deserve a vinyl treatment, please get in touch. Alternatively, if there are any labels out there who want to put out any kind of TQA vinyl, be it 7", 10", 12"... also please get in touch, as I have been buying more and more vinyls over the past few years, and I feel like this is the next step I'd like to take, even more so than releasing a new CD/digital album.


European Tour.

Booking still on-going, all shows with Nadja or Aidan Baker. So far, 3 dates in Italy, 2 in France, 2 in Holland, 2 in Germany, 2 in Poland.

We still need help for Poland, especially Warsaw & Poznan (June 18-19). Also it would be nice to have something in Belgium or Luxembourg (for June 9). Also anywhere south of Germany, such as Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart or Switzerland (for June 3-4). Those are pretty much the holes to fill, please get in touch if you can help!

14 March 2009

Yellow6 + Apillow tonight - with tqa as special surprise guest

Last-minute announcement!

Mainly, because this was decided about 12 hours ago, after meeting up with Jon/Yellow6 (UK) last night upon his arrival in Montreal. thisquietarmy will be a special guest tonight, for an impromptu improvised set with Yellow6, and... maybe Apillow too? We haven't had a chance to talk to him yet.

This is tonight, March 14th @ Il Motore, 179 Jean-Talon W. 9pm +++

On a side note, it was an amazing night thursday at Divan Orange. Thanks to everyone who came & supported, it was loads of fun. Special thanks to CASPIAN for burning down the place (the new songs are amazing, it will be a HEAVY record, can't wait), Jeff & Under The Snow for providing a great festival for us to play in.

And just a heads-up for Joe & Daniel who are starting a new website called "We Are Post-Rock". They filmed Caspian's set in HD, as well as some of TQA's, and both sets will be featured on its opening, March 30th. Bookmark this: http://www.wearepostrock.com

6 March 2009

Aidan Baker/thisquietarmy CD available for pre-order via TQA(R)

I have received my artist copies of "A Picture of a Picture", you can pre-order now it for the special price of 10$ shipped, for a limited time (until March 31st) via my TQA(R) distro: http://thisquietarmy.com/records/distro.html#pimpk009

These will be shipped for the official date of release: March 31st.

1 March 2009

It's march already

I've been working on a new album, or three, since November.

Practicing for upcoming shows inspired songwriting, but songwriting means you have an idea of what the song should sound like, and then you try to do it, and when you do it, it doesn't have the same impact as the non-existent fantasy song you had in mind. Those will probably take longer to finish. What's closer to being done are tracks, not songs, based on improvisation. Play-improvise-record. Then editing & isolating, overdubbing if necessary, crafting them into little masterpieces. Then finding links between them, themes, concepts, leaving some behind.

The past 3 weeks was an important turning point in its creation, and has set up a specific path to follow. Daily dedication & not much of any kind of social life nor elongated sleep patterns, following eight-hour workdays. I guess I am about 75% done with getting one album done, and pretty much fine-tuning at this point. Don't worry, it probably won't come out for at least another six months. I am in no hurry of having yet another release, but the whole label-production-promotion machine does take a lot of time & planning.