19 September 2012


Venue info & tickets: www.thisquietarmy.com
Poster photography by: www.meryemyildiz.com
Poster design by: www.ericquach.com

Additional info:

Press photos & rider:  www.thisquietarmy.com/press

See you out there!

17 September 2012

Pre-orders Exorcisms LP on Denovali

Thick glossy covers + thick glossy printed inner sleeves. 180g vinyl, free mp3 download code (download includes bonus material!). This is bone+clear vinyl, limited to 150 pieces! Also available in black vinyl, limited to 200 pieces.

"In the fall of 2010, the New Harbours Music Series collective has invited Eric Quach to perform at the Christ's Church Cathedral, a 19th century historical building of architectural beauty in the center of the city of Hamilton, Canada. Without any preparation, he took the opportunity to record an improvised live set in front of an audience. Less than a year later, he returned for a second performance to complement his inceptive works. Mixed & edited as proper tracks during the winter & summer of 2012, both unique performances are respectfully presented on side A & B of a 12" vinyl.

Armed with his electric axe through a lethal arsenal of effect pedals & amplifiers, Quach brings out the demons by launching an ascent of drones into the throne. Once the uprise hits the cathedral walls, the propagating discord takes a life of their own and multiplies like evil spirits. As the struggle to tame and control them only make them grow louder and more powerful, the dark overwhelming waves of vibrations fill up the atmosphere like demonic clouds and come crashing down with an infernal intensity. Both side of the records present thisquietarmy's attempts to cast out the spiritual entities that he creates, from the possessed holy church. Not for the faint of heart. Between mid september and mid november 2012 for seven weeks on tour in europe (partly w/ Caspian and Year Of No Light)."

26 June 2012

thisquietarmy - Phantom Limbs CS

The first thisquietarmy cassette is out on Land of Decay (Locrian's label). 

It's called 'Phantom Limbs' and it was recorded between 'Aftermath' & 'Vessels' back in 2009. Everything was done - titles, artwork and photography by Meryem Yildiz. Somehow, with the delay of 'Aftermath' and with the new tracks that would make 'Vessels', the EP got shelved and was forgotten until earlier this year, and now resuscitated by Land of Decay.

Limited to 100 copies, grab it:

28 May 2012


THISQUIETARMY "Chimeras" guitar-only cover.

All guitars performed, recorded & mixed by Eric Quach at TQA.HQ, Montreal - Winter 2012.

Originally recorded by Tim Hecker from the album Harmony in Ultraviolet (Kranky, 2006)

The track appears on the compilation "YOU'RE RELATED" Vol. 1: Montreal Artists Covering Montreal Artists" curated by CJLO 1690AM: http://www.cjlo.com/magazine/feature/youre-related-vol-1

Listen & buy here: http://cjlo1690am.bandcamp.com/album/cjlo-1690am-presents-youre-related-vol-1-montreal-artists-covering-montreal-artists

21 May 2012

CUTV Fundraiser

Hey, so this is the rest of the merch that I brought back from my recent THISQUIETARMY Eurotour:
It includes a few copies of thisquietarmy - Resurgence 2xLP (3x), a couple of Year of No Light/thisquietarmy LP split (2x - I'll get more of these soon), the limited & signed thisquietarmy live tour CD (7x), the new Parallel Lines - Infinity CD (20x), the new thisquietarmy + Yellow6 - Death Valley 2xCD (6x), the 2nd pressing of the Ghidrah CDR (2x), thisquietarmy - Aftermath/Blackhaunter/Unconquered/Orange CDs (3-5x), thisquietarmy tote bags (8x) and only 3 new thisquietarmy t-shirts (S, S, XL).

To further the matter of awareness against police brutality (see this video i made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJsG7ev454I), I've decided to donate all the profits (after costs) of the sale of these items to CUTV (Concordia University Television), which has been going on site to film and report every single protest in real time - you can tune in live, here: http://cutvmontreal.ca/

Last night, we have witnessed the police threaten their crew & attempt to break their camera more than once - it was appalling. The CUTV crew is doing an outstanding job in terms of exposing the realities of what is really happening at these protests. Again, whether you're for or against the reasons is a moot point - what we are currently witnessing is a police state spreading terror & oppression, following the totalitarian-like actions of our government by attacking our basic & fundamental rights. 

According to the surveys, the majority of the Quebec population is behind the government actions - sadly, it is not surprising at all considering that outside of these protests, the only way people (suburbans, citizens in the countryside or those who think they are not affected directly) are hearing about what's really happening is through highly-filtered channels & medias. They are not able to see beyond agitators, firestarters & broken windows - protesters are being viewed solely as troublemakers, which makes them dismiss the credibility of what the fight is really about. Like most, they are just sick & tired and want order restored at any cost. That's how they justify the motion of the anti-democratic Bill 78 and the use of police brutality against citizens that could be your kids, your friends, acquaintances, co-workers or members of your family. 

Through the lenses of CUTV, they can walk in the protesters' shoes and see what is really happening with their own eyes. If they can feel their anger & indignation, then maybe there'd be some hope that they could have a change of heart. This is why we need to help, promote & support CUTV, which spreads awareness: http://cutvmontreal.ca/ 

This fundraiser will last a few days (or until stocks last). Of course you can buy other non-rest-of-Eurotour-merch items in the store: https://thisquietarmy.storenvy.com/ at the same time - they could be included in the fundraiser as well. Also, if you're from the Montreal area - you can save on shipping costs & meet up in person of course (since some of the quantities are very limited, please still buy it through the store to reserve your item and i will reimburse the shipping fees).

If non of this merch stuff interests you, you can still make a donation directly to help CUTV maintain their live broadcast capabilities and continue to bring us the most viable on-ground coverage, here: http://cutvmontreal.ca/station/fundraising/live-broadcasts

Thanks in advance!

Update on the CUTV (Concordia University Television) fundraiser: we raised a bit more than 200$ in profits, so i chipped in & donated 250$ in total. Thanks to everyone who purchased something during the last week! 

Montreal police brutality awareness video - thisquietarmy (A Call To Arms)

thisquietarmy - Eurotour III (spring 2012) video

8 April 2012

24 March 2012

Sunday March 25th


Labirinto (touring from Brazil)

Sweet Mother Logic


Tickets: $8 advance/$10 doors

Doors: 8:30pm

Physical tickets are on sale at Casa del Popolo (http://www.casadelpopolo.com/), Cheap Thrills, L’Oblique, Phonopolis, and Atom Heart.

Buy tickets online!

23 March 2012

Year Of No Light & thisquietarmy Collaboration LP

From Destructure.org !

You can already pre-order this LP in white, clear or black for only 10 euro:


A release that we’ve been working on for months is about to finally see the light of the day. We’re very happy to be able to work again with long time friends from YEAR OF NO LIGHT on this project that also gave us the opportunity to work with a new friend Eric from THISQUIETARMY. This new piece of wax features one long new song from each band (approx 12 min each), you’ll also discover two collaborative songs that prove that these two bands were made to work together and share a record. The LP is at the pressing plant as we speak and will be up for preorders next week together with another new release (keep your cyber eyes opened). During the wait, enjoy the first image of the cover assembled by one of ours truly.

7 February 2012

TQA021 - Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy - Eurotour 2011 3xCD (pre-order)


The long awaited 3xCD document from Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy's European tour in 2011 is finally available! This document should have been available sooner, but the magnitude of this project overcame several mutations. In the end, we wanted to present this document as a very limited box set with tons of goodies as to relate the tour experience as much as possible, and to be distributed directly into their hands of our closet fans. No middlemen & no promos for this one! Thus, we have chosen to release it through TQA Records (thisquietarmy's label) & Pirate Ship Records, with the exclusive distribution from Basses Fréquences & Broken Spine Productions (Aidan Baker's label). This document presents 3 live sets on 3 separate black-bottomed discs:

Disc 1 (silver) - Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy - Live in Paris (May 29th, 2011)
Disc 2 (white) - Aidan Baker - Live in Ljubljana (June 7th, 2011)
Disc 3 (black) - thisquietarmy - Live in Ljubljana (June 7th, 2011)

The Paris show was set up by Basses Fréquences, at the Village Label of the Villette Sonique festival for a collaboration between Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy, in which Aidan have decided to play the drums merely five minutes before the show started. Needless to say that this recording has captured an incredibly unique & spontaneous performance that was not rehearsed in any way, and that could never be reproduced again. The solo sets from the Ljubljana concert (set up by Rok Pregelj) were recorded at Menza Pri Koritu with the collaboration of the venue's soundman Marko Trsenjak. Aidan's set was completely improvised, while thisquietarmy's set incorporates some open-ended song structures from his latest releases mixed with several improvised segments.

Additionally, we have included a tour report, a tour diary (written by Eric Quach), 3 flyers from the Bochum (designed by Dimitrios Kaitsis), Paris (designed by Jerome Moncada) & Ljubljana (designed by Zoran Pungercar) show and an unique set of 6 photographs randomly picked from 100 photos taken during the tour by Eric Quach. All of these items fit inside an elegant white A7 envelope, on which was printed a photograph of Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy, taken the morning after the first show of the tour in Bochum, Germany by Cristobal Marquez (who also took the pictures for the front/back artwork cover).

The whole thing is enclosed inside a beautiful white DVD triple-case. Lastly, every case is decorated with an old and unique European stamp, and also includes a custom-made guitar pick embedded with Pirate Ship Records' & TQA Records' logos. Everything was designed, printed, cut and hand-assembled by Eric Quach, with the help of Jason Sykes.

Release date: Febuary 14th, 2012. Price: 25$

Pre-order between Febuary 7th & Febuary 13th to reserve your copy - specially priced at only 20$ + shipping, here: http://thisquietarmy.storenvy.com/products/256477-tqa021-aidan-baker-thisquietarmy-eurotour-2011-3xcd

Also available digitally here: http://tqarecords.bandcamp.com/album/tqa021-aidan-baker-thisquietarmy-document-eurotour-2011-live-in-paris-ljubljana


######### UPDATE ##########

50 copies, SOLD OUT IN 8 HOURS via thisquietarmy/TQA RECORDS.

Please pick it up through Pirate Ship Records... they have about 10 copies left.

If it's sold out there, Aidan Baker will hopefully receive his copies for his EU tour next week with A-Sun Amissa.
Also, Basses Fréquences will carry a few copies next week as well.

Thanks a lot for all your enthusiasm!


24 January 2012

Drone your winter blues away...

CJLO 1690 AM proudly presents an evening of drone to help wash away the winter blues. The line up is made up of local Montreal talent and all proceeds will go towards Concordia's campus-community radio station.


Echo Beach

Aim Low

Old Wyoming

$5 at the door. Doors at 9 pm.

This is a CJLO 1690 AM fundraiser.

Jackie & Judy's - 6512, Avenue du Parc (corner of Beaubien)

8 January 2012

Adrian Aniol - Arrhythmia OST (TQA020, TQA Records)


Artist: Adrian Aniol
Release: Arrhythmia OST
Release Date: January 12th, 2012
Format: Limited full-length CDR in a handmade deluxe packaging
Promo: tqarecords@gmail.com

We also prepared a press kit here, which includes the one-sheet, press photos & artwork:

The CD is currently available for pre-order with a 5-track preview:


Adrian Anioł is a Polish composer & sound designer.

TQA Records is proud to present his "Arrhythmia OST", the follow-up to "It Falls Apart", his debut release on dark cult American label Utech Records (Locrian, Horseback, Nadja, Mamiffer, James Plotkin, Daniel Menche, etc.).

The score to the late James Hartley's film of the same title is a dark & mysterious journey filled with haunting subsonic ambiances and claustrophobic layers of frigid soundwaves. Ambient and minimal, yet emotionally charged with terrifying imaginative visuals, overbearing industrial atmospheres and loud startling percussive effects, Adrian Anioł has created an incredibly captivating and powerful film soundtrack.
Initially self-released digitally in March 2011, the record was slightly reworked & remixed by Adrian Anioł, mastered by Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) in November 2011 & released in January 2012 by TQA Records.

Adrian Anioł's "Arrhythmia OST" is TQA Records' 1st full-length physical release, which consists of a compelling black top & black bottom CDR, hand-stamped with black acrylic ink. The disc is placed on a hub inside a folded insert, which slides into a thick 80lb A7 grey printed envelope. The package also includes a set of 4 oversize 5x7" photographs and is strictly limited to 100 handmade & numbered copies.


Adrian Aniol - Arrhythmia OST (TQA020)

01. The Opening 02:27
02. Informis Pravitas 03:30
03. In A Darkened Room 04:47
04. Lament 02:11
05. Thoughts Become Noise 02:40
06. 3AM Revelations 02:50
07. The Others 04:20
08. The Permanence 01:49
09. Arrhythmia (In A Heartbeat) 02:11
10. In Black Twilights 02:55
11. The Way Of All Flesh 02:08
12. The Dark Night Of The Soul 03:03
13. Slowly Downward 04:55
14. In Control Of All Things 02:54
15. The Closing 06:05

This recording was made for a 38min independent movie "Arrhythmia" directed by James Hartley (September 13, 1979 - April 22, 2011). Please note that this album was recorded using low-end techniques with purpose.

Composed, arranged, written, performed, and produced by Adrian Anioł.
Saxophone performed by Russell Johnson.
Cello and strings performed by Paul Martin.
Arrhythmia was assembled and mixed by A. Anioł at Withinwithout Studios.
Soundtrack consultant: Dorota Rus.
Mastering: Eric Quach.
Art direction: 21grams inc.

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