25 December 2008

Free download: TQA009 - Hi My Quiet Tsar

Ho, ho, ho.

TQA(R) has decided to give away an MP3 download of the unannounced release of TQA009a, Hi My Quiet Tsar, limited to 24 copies. Hi My Quiet Tsar was spontaneously released the night of October 18th, 2008 as a collector's item to Thisquietarmy's first official synth-only live set. Plans regarding this project remains unclear, thus the MP3s are released under the Thisquietarmy name.

Read up & download: here.

18 December 2008

Very Large Array; ready to be shipped!

Christy Romanick's "Very Large Array" book features a series of colored photographs shot in San Agustin, New Mexico. Christy captures the beauty and eeriness of the VLA satellites occupying an isolated desert landscape. Also included is an exclusive 30 minute soundtrack cd titled "Transmissions to 3774379 258421 13S" by Montreal musician Thisquietarmy.

More info on Space30a.

13 December 2008

Built on a Weak Spot reviews Blackhaunter

Built on a Weak Spot speaketh of Blackhaunter:

"Where Unconquered used layered fuzzy tones and loops to create a bit of warmth here and there, Blackhaunter does the complete opposite. As the title might suggest, this is a darker and much colder vision from Quach that at times reaches unsettling hair raising atmospherics. In my opinion it seems like a fantastic way to follow up a record such as Unconquered and displays Quach’s ability to achieve such contrasting moods through his skillful guitar tone manipulations." - Jonathan Harnish

read the whole thing: here.

11 December 2008

Improvised set @ Cagibi - this friday!

I'll be playing a short improvised set with some friends:

- S.Cibo
- The Montreal Nintendo Orkestar
- Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay & Friends
- Stochastique

+DJ sets by AlBéRiCk & Star Tsar

Friday, december 12th - 8pm - free
Le Cagibi - 5490 St. Laurent - Montreal, QC

3 December 2008

The Silent Ballet reviews Blackhaunter

Diana Sitaru writes a wonderful review of Blackhaunter for The Silent Ballet:

"Following in the surrealists’ steps, Blackhaunter stands against everything loud, existing as an ever-flowing, ghastly-abstract shout, quiescent, but constantly humming in one’s ear. For that matter, thisquietarmy represents the genuine reincarnation of avant-garde, conquering realm after realm after realm."

Read it the whole thing: here.

1 December 2008

Textura reviews Blackhaunter, Boomkat sells FLAC + 320kbps MP3s

Textura gave 'Blackhaunter' a great review, read it: here
is the kind of recording that, when it ends, you're satisfied but also hungry to hear more, and how often is that the case?" - textura.org


Boomkat are selling 320 kbps 44.1 Hz MP3s or in loseless FLAC formats, check it out: here.
I personally think it's way cooler than itunes, or emusic - but either way, your digital choice! However, the digipak artwork is really worth it... think about it, limited to 1,000 copies only.