19 December 2009

Destroyalldreamers & Ghidrah live shows uploaded

I uploaded Destroyalldreamers' last show in Montreal from 2007, for the release of our album 'Wish I Was All Flames'. The setlist was as follow:

1. Wish I Was All Flames 2. Automne 3. Orage 4. A Summer Without You 5. Destroy All Dreamers 6. Victoire Sur Le Soleil 7. Facultatives Imaginaires, En Robes Et En Eclats 8. Her Brother Played The Riot

You can download it for free in 320 kbps MP3s here:

Also, the Ghidrah show from Nov. 28th 2009 was uploaded on our myspace, which you can visit here: http://www.myspace.com/ghidrahtrio

12 December 2009

X-mas & Aarktica remixes compilations from Silber Records

White Silber - A Cold Slow Xmas
Silber Records 2009 Christmas Compilation (free download)
Release Date: Dec. 9th, 2009

This compilation features an exclusive thisquietarmy x-mas track (which is a secret cover/inspired version of a x-mas song... yours to guess), as well as a nice roster including friends Yellow6 & Aarktica, also great bands like Charles Atlas and Northern Valentine. It is offered as a free downloadable via Archive.org:


Aarktica - In Sea Remixes
Silber Records 2009 (CD)
Release Date: Feb. 9th, 2010

Remixes include those from Ramses III, Landing, Yellow6 amongst other, and of course thisquietarmy, remixing the track "Corpse Reviver No. 2".

Email Silber for the details. Darla Records has already started the pre-order, you can check out the details: here.

9 December 2009

Mains de Givre

Mains de Givre is a new thisquietarmy violin/drone side-project with the lovely violonist Émilie Livernois-Desroches, formely of Profugus Mortis fame & many other projects.

We've been jamming and working on tracks for a while, in preparation of albums, probably to be released in 2010.

Check out the tracks on our myspace & please add us: http://www.myspace.com/mainsdegivre

Also, here's a clip from our first ever impromptu live performance on november 28th @ Casa Del Popolo in Montreal:

8 December 2009

The Musicians vs. The Masses (article)

I was interview recently for this article. Weird to be part of that, but an interesting read.

The synopsis is: "Montreal musicians Eric Quach (thisquietarmy), Patrick Krief (Black Diamond Bay), and Marcus Paquin (Silver Starling), share their views on the online music industry today"

20 November 2009

Autumnal Tiny Tour w/ Aidan Baker + Animal Hospital

Last shows of 2009 for thisquietarmy with friends Aidan Baker & Animal Hospital:

Nov. 25th @ L'agitée, 251 Dorchester, Quebec City w/ Millimetrik
Nov. 26th @ L'app'art, 45 St-Antoine, Trois-Rivières w/ Korvette
Nov. 27th @ 443 Kent, Ottawa w/ We Fled Cairo

Edit: Due to family issues, Aidan will not be able to play Nov. 26th and Nov. 27th.

Also, with Aidan Baker & Animal Hospital, as part of Ghidrah (ambient/noise/experimental side-project featuring Aun, tqa & Maggot Breeder) & as part of Mains de Givre (violin/drone with Émilie Livernois-Desroches)

Nov. 28th @ Casa Del Popolo, Montreal

15 November 2009

/// meanwhile...

"Meanwhile" is a limited sampler EP of edited versions of brand new tracks, untitled as of yet, to be released on separate work-in-progress albums, by different labels throughout 2010. self-released & handpackaged with tlc, on this lovely day of autumn, friday the 13th of november of 2009. this record is dedicated to those who, like myself, cannot wait... Limited to 50 copies, green CDR, via TQA Records (tqa011).

If you're impatient for the next thisquietarmy albums, grab it quickly. Some of the tracks may not even see the light for another 12 months or so... even though they are ready.

Running time: 33:00

Buy it now!

13 November 2009

Saturday, November 14th

First SIANspheric show in Montreal since 2005.
Last thisquietarmy show in Montreal for 2009.

21 October 2009

short break from music: painting

before the whole music thing started, there was painting.
slowly, painting faded away then disappeared. work & music took priority etc.

i took a short break from music for the last week or so, and did a few, after a friend had commissioned me for one. i've never accepted before, but i thought it would be a good challenge, and i have a bit more time these days. maybe these can be used for album artwork in the future, who knows. so, here's what i did:


the hawk & the fireball, 16"x16", acrylics & sharpies >>>>>
started - summer 2008?
completed - october 2009

entangled, 8"x16", acrylics >>>>>
october 2009

burial, 8"x8"x3", acrylics >>>>>
started - 2006?
completed - october 2009

untitled/for eld, 2x 8"x16", acrylics >>>>>
commissioned painting for eld - pre-selected colors by client;
october 2009


you can check more selected works in this album.

ok, i'm going back to work on my next three or four records now.

15 October 2009

thisquietarmy goes time-lapse in Esslingen, Germany


Live at Villa Markel
Esslingen, Germany
June 2nd, 2009

Shot & edited by thisquietarmy.

I left the camera on the soundboard, which wasn't the best angle, but it makes it for a fun "45 min. set condensed to 5 min." video. It's the only show I filmed during my European tour.... Day 2, Esslingen (near Stuttgart), a beautiful outdoor space connected to the Villa Markel museum. See this blog entry for more info: http://thisquietarmy.blogspot.com/2009/06/esslingen.html

Audio is a live snippet of the actual performance.

14 October 2009

Om/Lichens/thisquietarmy Montreal show review by The Concordian

The Concordian article by Candace Roscoe:


Here's the part about me:

The video installation and raw sonic emotion that is thisquietarmy opened the show. With Quach often crouched in the sidelines with his guitar, his multimedia installation took centre stage. As you are transported into waking-life by pulsing distortion and flashing images on screen, it becomes easy to forget that one man is responsible for the textured experience. Yet, every sound was being created in real-time with a dozen effect pedals and three loop-samplers.

Quach faces a number of challenges working alone. “The main challenge is to create something interesting despite the limitations of being one person, which is easier to do in studio. To bring the tracks into a live environment, it took an endless amount of experimentation to push the boundaries of a solo performance while still maintaining your integrity.”

Quach says being an army of one is the story of his life. “Which is why this project makes even more sense,” he said. “But it works for me as I’ve always been independent and done things my own way.”

Despite Quach’s ability to juggle layer upon layer of sound all by himself, thisquietarmy has no vocals.
“The lack of vocals, in this case, is freeing because the emotions are rawer and it leaves the music completely opened.”

The audience is left to interpret the music as they wish, in the context of their own lives. Whether they did so Saturday night is unknown, but thisquietarmy did attract a silent and meditative crowd.

13 October 2009

Chat Blanc Records/P572 Book + CD Available with exclusive TQA track

P572 & Chat Blanc Records, two labels from Quebec City, have put out a collective 166 pages book called "5 ans de musique et de révolution". It contains information on their releases, pictures of artists, manifestos, posters & a lot more. The book also comes with an exclusive CD compilation with exclusive tracks, including one by thisquietarmy: "Aluminum Twin Snakes".

Here's the complete tracklist:


01. Darren Hayman - Zeros and Ones
02. Mathématique - Hands
03. PRINCESS & MURDOCK - The length of nature
04. Oromocto Diamond - Diamond March
05. Jane Ehrhardt - Emergency (live)
06. Keith Kouna – Petite Fée
07. (swedish) Death Polka - Columbia Final
08. Millimetrik remixe Auburn Lull - Grange arcade

Chat Blanc Records
09. Port-Royal - Putin vs Valery (Ambidextrous remix)
10. Electroluminescent - The trip and the toll
11. Epic45 - A clear day
12. DNT – Prise
13. Building castles out of matchsticks – The love of my life
14. Galerie Stratique - Caravane Hallucinée
15. thisquietarmy - Aluminum twin snakes
16. Le chat blanc orchestra - Crescendo's are prohibited (Aidan Baker remix)


It's a heavy but beautiful book, which makes the shipping prices outrageous, sorry... We have a few copies available now via TQA Records' distribution --- the website is not yet updated but you can paypal the money to: thisquietarmy at gmail dot com.

28$ PP = Canada (CDN)
32$ PP = USA (USD)
25€ PP = World (Euros)

I'll even throw in some TQA goodies... stickers, flyers, pins, even random CD-Rs.

8 October 2009

Om/Lichens/thisquietarmy + FSQ2009 new media installation

This weekend, thisquietarmy clones itself.

Firstly - I'd like to thank Blues Skies Turn Black for giving me the opening spot of the Om/Lichens show Saturday, October 10th @ La Sala Rossa.

Mighty San Francisco heavy duo OM will finally perform their long-awaited debut in Montreal following the release of their most recent album on Drag City. Joining OM on tour is LICHENS (aka Rob Lowe of 90 Day Men, Singer). Opening up the night will be local drone solo artist THISQUIETARMY. This will be a great show and should not be missed!!

Secondly, I will contribute to the new media expo of the FSQ called "Place de la Cyber-convergence", which offers FSQ participants the space to converge with others virtually. The premise is to stimulate online interaction by offering a number of computers where people can post blog entries, Twitter, snap photos or videos, and more! An integral aspect of this space is to inspire creative expression by embedding participants within a new media landscape, exhibiting new media creations such as video installations, electronic music, and performance art.

To come to the event, register for the Quebec Social Forum online at http://www.fsq2009.org or at the Cégép.

Art by:

Krzys Cyga
Myriam Jacob-Allard & Florence S. Larose
Hubert R. de Roy
Shereen Soliman
Barbara Zemelka
Academy of Art Video Art

The Expo will take place Satuday and Sunday 9am to 5pm in room 9.81 at Cégép du Vieux Montréal (Ontario corner Sanguinet) along with a number of other expos on the same floor.

The Thisquietarmy installation will be visual and music, tqa-style - much like my live performances, only I won't be doing it live, and it will be looped throughout the weekend.

23 September 2009

New Dawn Fades video (Joy Division cover)

Joy Division is one of my favorite band.

I was recording a new track and noticed that the chords progression, even though slower, darker & kinda far-fetched, had similarities to "New Dawn Fades". Every time I would work on my track, I couldn't get the original one out of my head. So I gave up and went ahead to record a cover instead, embracing the essence of its mood --- doom-gaze style!

I impulsively decided to make a video for it, shot in NYC:

I also fell on Moby & Dave Navarro's cover, who managed to completely butcher the song. So this is kind of a response to it as well... although I'll probably get bashed on Youtube like everybody else.

21 September 2009

CATALOGUE @ Pop Montreal 2009

CATALOGUE is a music event of improvised music on analog synths, debuting at the festival this year.

CATALOGUE is not a traditional music performance. Musicians will be displaced all around the venue, and there's no stage. "Sound stations" — an analog synth, an effect pedal and an amp — will be located around the space, and musicians are invited to use any vacant station at their will.

See local artists The World Provider, Montag, Bernardino Femminielli, and Numéro# — along with other Pop Montreal performers who join in. Visuals by the amazing, trippy Organ Mood.

The CATALOGUE itself is a registry that logs participants' contributions, so that all musicians will be credited on the session recording — available for download on the CATALOGUE website.

All musicians performing at Pop Montreal 2009 are invited to be a part of CATALOGUE. Go to http://www.montag.ca/catalogue to learn more.

PARTICIPANTS include members of...



10 September 2009

Alien8 Recordings presents: Nadja + Aun + thisquietarmy

So, Nadja is back in Canada! First show in Montreal in a year or so...

Funnily enough, it'll be the first thisquietarmy show since I last played with them on the last day of our European tour in Szczcecin, Poland on June 21st. I've played some local gigs since I came back, but they were for the most part improvised or collaborative sets... which were well needed after playing semi-rehearsed material for 3 weeks straight, almost every day.

Also, after several months of inactivity, Casa Del Popolo is back in full operating mode as a legitimate venue! We all missed this place dearly, I've already seen a few shows there since the re-opening this month, and it's stronger than ever!

Looking forward to it!

2 August 2009

P572 improv show

P572 house show in Quebec City on 26/08/09
featuring Electroluminescent, with a thisquietarmy/Millimetrik/Electroluminescent collaborative improv;

We all got at the house early pm to jam in preparation for the show that was to happen later that evening. Pascal/Millimetrik played drums, I played guitar & effects of course. Ryan/Electroluminescent decided to join us on korg/moog dual-synths.

The actual performance was much better and tighter, things were happening, krautrock/experimental-ambient style... very nice! Good reception from the 30 or so people that made it on a sunday evening, in Limoilou, Quebec City.

Here's what the live jam sounded like: http://bln.kr/1HW/

Maybe the beginning of yet another project?

29 July 2009

Video: Live performance @ TAC, Eindhoven (NL)

Live performance at TAC, Eindhoven (NL) - June 11th, 2009

It's short video, courtesy of TAC TV, only 8 minutes which is too bad, because it cuts as it is getting good... but the video captures the atmosphere of that night, the massive projections (done by tqa), the head swaying, the bar in action... great souvenir & memories! Had a great time there...

This quit army, 11 juni '09 from tactv on Vimeo.

9 July 2009

This Weekend: UNSOUND 4 + Piknic Electronik

Saturday July 11th 2009: UNSOUND chapter 4

World premiere of GHIDRAH, the 3-headed drone-monster comprised of Aun, Maggot Breeder & thisquietarmy --- playing with this awesome lineup:


SQUALOR (Montreal's Sludge Kings!)

REI REA (Brise-Cul Records)


UNSOUND MTL is the Canadian chapter of UNSOUND NYC. Established in october 2008, UNSOUND MTL is an organisation dedicated to bringing the best in live underground music to the stage in Montreal. Spanning a range of obscure sounds from dark ambient, industrial noise and power electronics to doom, drone and post metal, we host a diverse cross section of some of today's most challenging artists.



Sunday July 12th 2009: Piknic Electronik

Piknic Electronik - Scène STM (ambiante)

Nouveauté cette année! Une fois sur deux, 50% du temps, 2-3 fois par mois, une douzaine de fois dans l'année, la STM et le Piknic érigeront une 2ième scène qui sera positionnée aux abords du lac des Cygnes et qui proposera une programmation ambiante explorant un autre spectre de musique électronique.


Dimanche 12 Juillet 2009
Piknic Electronik
Lac des Cygnes, Ile Ste-Hélène

15h00 - /de.i.te/
16h00 - Ben Steiner-Fleury
17h00 - thisquietarmy
18h00 - AUN


Regular piknic cover charge.

BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE and anything else you want!!!!
food, drinks: this is a piknic after all... no glass though.

3 July 2009

The Big Takeover reviews Blackhaunter!

Awesome review of Blackhaunter (Elevation) in the Big Takeover, Issue No. 64, with the best name dropping I could hope for: GY!BE, MBV, Low & David Lynch! Also, I'm definitely taking this quote "relaxation tape for demons" as an artist description! Read it:

thisquietarmy - Blackhaunter

Slow waves of sound wave breathe into the first song, and continue for the next seven minutes. I'm not sure what I was expecting with a "post-shoegaze" description, but this is almost post-everything. Experimental lush soundscapes, created with minimal notes and chords, sound like a capture of one background effect off of My Bloody Valentine's mixing board. Drums and keyboards kicks in on "Vampyr" as we shift into ethereal gothic oceans, like Godspeed You! Black Emperor covering a song by Low, and then next into a nine-minute journey that feels like a David Lynch backdrop. These sounds are pulled like sonic taffy and stretched out so far, that you can't even see the rock that it's supposedly post from. It's like a relaxation tape for demons, I think! Check it out. (elevationrecordings.net)

Nightlife Magazine reviews Transmissions!

Local Nightlife magazine reviews Transmissions (Alien8):

thisquietarmy - Transmissions (Alien8)

Melodic drone and atmospheric noise is like classical music for rave babies reaching maturity (or beyond). While classical music is largely based upon natural sounds, our unnatural environment is a major influence (as are film soundtracks, of course). In fact, this album is intended to be a soundtrack for Christy Romanick’s book, Very Large Array, which comes with the digital download. It’s also inspired by the intersection between nature (space) and technology (TV transmissions). But the best thing about Transmissions is the music, which is exceptionally beautiful and atmospheric. Gentle, melodic and as big as space, tune in to receive thisquietarmy’s excellent Transmissions. (LC) 4.5/5


Labelmate, fellow droner and friend Aun also got a good one for Motorsleep:

1 July 2009

European tour CD/DVD Luftpost & new T-shirt now available for worldwide consumption!

"Luftpost" is an exclusive European tour double 3" CD-R/DVD-R, hand-packaged in a black envelope designed by thisquietarmy. The CD-R contains 21 minutes of exclusive music (2 new tracks: "Luftpost" & "Ceremonies"), and the DVD-R contains a 30-minute audio live set recorded in Montreal, with the visuals projections that were used for that show. Also included is a set of 4 photographs by Meryem Yildiz (www.nitescence.net) made specifically for thisquietarmy.

Leftovers from the European tour with Nadja are now available for worldwide consumption: http://www.thisquietarmy.com/records/releases.html#tqa010

New thisquietarmy T-shirt designed by Matt Gauck @ Next Stop Adventure from Portland, OR. White ink on army green, printed by Toxic Kids Screenprint in Berlin, Germany!

Get yours: http://www.thisquietarmy.com/records/distro.html#tqats002

26 June 2009

Europe Tour Recap


I am back from the European tour with Nadja!

17 shows in 21 days, in 7 countries --- some 7000 km or so! Quite a lot of road and a lot of work, but it was a pretty great experience. As always, some surprises and some disappointments but still successful enough, especially for a first TQA tour.

Favorite shows were in Paris, Berlin & Krakow, though honorable mentions to Esslingen for having the show in an outdoor museums, Lyon for being in a boat and Eindhoven for the great arts center & its crew --- though every city had something special and/or different that will always be remembered, and I would go back to play in each one of them.

Many thanks to everyone who showed up, talked to us, promoted the shows, made us food, provided us a place to stay & entertained us. It's these little things that make it nice and enjoyable on the road.

I will attempt to do a recap in the next few days, with pictures, diaries, reviews and everything. Maybe it might get redundant and boring, who knows... thus the emphasis on attempt.

Stay tuned and check back in time as entries for every day are being added!

22 June 2009


I need to get rid of these blog updates, so let's condense all of Poland in one entry.


Because of the lack of highways in eastern Europe, it took about 7-8 hours to get to Krakow, Poland. We arrived late and the show started early, but we managed to get proper soundcheck and we rushed to the Green Way vegetarian bar for a pretty good meal (I don't remember what I had... some sort of Samosa/Pierogies). I had to get on stage right after that though... The venue, which was inside this huge pub with an outdoor garden, was quite packed at that point, a young appreciative crowd... A lot of the people around looked like college hipsters/scenesters, which was weird to see thousand of miles away from home. I didn't sell a lot of merch in Poland, but I can understand why: their Zloty currency is not the highest in Europe and for the price of one CD, I guess you can buy about twenty beers.

With the long trip and the late arrival with no time to relax, the gig happened and ended very quickly. We were brought to the Mundo Hostel to drop our stuff and we went for drinks at Kawiarnia Nokowa. I also had a late night Zapiekanka, which is like a long pizza bread... I had the regular one with mushrooms, cheese and garlic sauce, it was quite yummy!


Again, with the 7-8 hours long drive. We arrive slightly late without breathing time. Shows in Poland have been starting at 8pm sharp, which is quite early and weird. Everyone was disappointed about the turnout, and blamed the next day exams...

25 minutes of Youtube clips available (in 3 parts):

To make up for it, the promoters took us out to two different bars for drinks (don't know the names)... We got out of the last one at 4am and it was already quite bright outside. I ended up getting wasted with beer, shots of vodka and else... We were quite intoxicated and I got... sick in the process, fun times though.


Felt quite under the weather for the whole ride and the whole day... The weather was crappy and did not help my mood. To top it off, the venue was switched and the show was moved to a squat in the middle of nowhere. There was a generator running on gas to provide power for the show and they actually ran out in the end, cutting Nadja's set short though it was planned. We were also playing with this other polish emo-crust band (?!) called Panacea, and there was no blank walls to project the visuals... so they were skipped for this show. But with the room jam-packed, no one could really see anything, the visuals would've greatly helped in this case... Ah well. Something weird also happened with my loop-sample, some kind of sketchy power surge made it skip a beat and it was one of those upbeat 4/4 song... it threw me off completely and I had to improvise and transition to something else... sort of embarrassing. Had to finish with Battlefield Arkestrah/Warchitects to save myself. Applause was quite long, sort of like a call for an encore, but I was frozen... Here are pictures of the squat:


Gdynia is an industrial/portuary town north of Poland... Again, this show was quite rushed because there was some kind of prom dance party going on after the show. The venue, Ucho, was quite huge that it was unclear how many people were actually attending the show... I think it went okay. The stage was high and there was a couple of photographers taking close-up shots and such. Also the projection screen was on the top-left of the stage, which was a bit weird.

Newspaper article:

Eight8s Blog report:


Last show of the tour, we were all getting cranky at this point. The sky was still grey and the roads were slow and winding, although it made nice road pictures:

We played at the Alter-Ego bar, a nice little red pub at the bottom of this huge town hall. They played Swans' Children of God on the stereo for most of the evening.

END OF THE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!

We went back home to Berlin that night... only 1h45 away. Stayed in town for a couple of days before coming back to Montreal...

16 June 2009


Back on the road for one week in Eastern Europe. We arrive in Prague early afternoon, and make a run to see some of the city before sound check:

The gig itself was alright... Sound was good on stage, but the configuration of the venue was not the best for optimum sound waves traveling. Here's some pictures of the gig...

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