29 July 2009

Video: Live performance @ TAC, Eindhoven (NL)

Live performance at TAC, Eindhoven (NL) - June 11th, 2009

It's short video, courtesy of TAC TV, only 8 minutes which is too bad, because it cuts as it is getting good... but the video captures the atmosphere of that night, the massive projections (done by tqa), the head swaying, the bar in action... great souvenir & memories! Had a great time there...

This quit army, 11 juni '09 from tactv on Vimeo.

9 July 2009

This Weekend: UNSOUND 4 + Piknic Electronik

Saturday July 11th 2009: UNSOUND chapter 4

World premiere of GHIDRAH, the 3-headed drone-monster comprised of Aun, Maggot Breeder & thisquietarmy --- playing with this awesome lineup:


SQUALOR (Montreal's Sludge Kings!)

REI REA (Brise-Cul Records)


UNSOUND MTL is the Canadian chapter of UNSOUND NYC. Established in october 2008, UNSOUND MTL is an organisation dedicated to bringing the best in live underground music to the stage in Montreal. Spanning a range of obscure sounds from dark ambient, industrial noise and power electronics to doom, drone and post metal, we host a diverse cross section of some of today's most challenging artists.



Sunday July 12th 2009: Piknic Electronik

Piknic Electronik - Scène STM (ambiante)

Nouveauté cette année! Une fois sur deux, 50% du temps, 2-3 fois par mois, une douzaine de fois dans l'année, la STM et le Piknic érigeront une 2ième scène qui sera positionnée aux abords du lac des Cygnes et qui proposera une programmation ambiante explorant un autre spectre de musique électronique.


Dimanche 12 Juillet 2009
Piknic Electronik
Lac des Cygnes, Ile Ste-Hélène

15h00 - /de.i.te/
16h00 - Ben Steiner-Fleury
17h00 - thisquietarmy
18h00 - AUN


Regular piknic cover charge.

BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE and anything else you want!!!!
food, drinks: this is a piknic after all... no glass though.

3 July 2009

The Big Takeover reviews Blackhaunter!

Awesome review of Blackhaunter (Elevation) in the Big Takeover, Issue No. 64, with the best name dropping I could hope for: GY!BE, MBV, Low & David Lynch! Also, I'm definitely taking this quote "relaxation tape for demons" as an artist description! Read it:

thisquietarmy - Blackhaunter

Slow waves of sound wave breathe into the first song, and continue for the next seven minutes. I'm not sure what I was expecting with a "post-shoegaze" description, but this is almost post-everything. Experimental lush soundscapes, created with minimal notes and chords, sound like a capture of one background effect off of My Bloody Valentine's mixing board. Drums and keyboards kicks in on "Vampyr" as we shift into ethereal gothic oceans, like Godspeed You! Black Emperor covering a song by Low, and then next into a nine-minute journey that feels like a David Lynch backdrop. These sounds are pulled like sonic taffy and stretched out so far, that you can't even see the rock that it's supposedly post from. It's like a relaxation tape for demons, I think! Check it out. (elevationrecordings.net)

Nightlife Magazine reviews Transmissions!

Local Nightlife magazine reviews Transmissions (Alien8):

thisquietarmy - Transmissions (Alien8)

Melodic drone and atmospheric noise is like classical music for rave babies reaching maturity (or beyond). While classical music is largely based upon natural sounds, our unnatural environment is a major influence (as are film soundtracks, of course). In fact, this album is intended to be a soundtrack for Christy Romanick’s book, Very Large Array, which comes with the digital download. It’s also inspired by the intersection between nature (space) and technology (TV transmissions). But the best thing about Transmissions is the music, which is exceptionally beautiful and atmospheric. Gentle, melodic and as big as space, tune in to receive thisquietarmy’s excellent Transmissions. (LC) 4.5/5


Labelmate, fellow droner and friend Aun also got a good one for Motorsleep:

1 July 2009

European tour CD/DVD Luftpost & new T-shirt now available for worldwide consumption!

"Luftpost" is an exclusive European tour double 3" CD-R/DVD-R, hand-packaged in a black envelope designed by thisquietarmy. The CD-R contains 21 minutes of exclusive music (2 new tracks: "Luftpost" & "Ceremonies"), and the DVD-R contains a 30-minute audio live set recorded in Montreal, with the visuals projections that were used for that show. Also included is a set of 4 photographs by Meryem Yildiz (www.nitescence.net) made specifically for thisquietarmy.

Leftovers from the European tour with Nadja are now available for worldwide consumption: http://www.thisquietarmy.com/records/releases.html#tqa010

New thisquietarmy T-shirt designed by Matt Gauck @ Next Stop Adventure from Portland, OR. White ink on army green, printed by Toxic Kids Screenprint in Berlin, Germany!

Get yours: http://www.thisquietarmy.com/records/distro.html#tqats002