30 April 2010

Aftermath & Esther Marie now available!

We have received thisquietarmy's Aftermath CDs! Unfortunately there is a little misprint on the front cover (as well as a discoloration in the inside panel, not shown here) :

It would take quite some time for the pressing plant to fix their mistake. After lengthy discussions with the label Basses Fréquences, we decided to make them available as is, in time for the planned release date (today). However, measures are still being taken to correct the mistake and we will switch the digipaks of our stock CDs when the correct ones will arrive from the pressing plant... it could take up to a month. This will also mean that misprinted version will be very limited (collector's item, anyone?)

This being said --- it is really your choice. Do you want to wait for the proper artwork as it was intended to be, or are you too anxious to hear the music and want to own a copy of the limited edition misprinted version? If you fall in the latter category, place your order now! You might also have the possibility to acquire a corrected version of the digipak later, that could be included with your next order or for shipping fees --- although you know how shipping is costly these days.



> Mains de Givre's debut album "Esther Marie" (Textura, Canada) : gatefold jacket CD
> Thisquietarmy's 4th album "Aftermath" (Basses Frequences, France) : digipak CD
> Parallel Lines's debut album "38:22" (Dead Pilot Records, UK) : thick windowed sleeve & string CD

Take advantage of our special bundles :

Thisquietarmy + Mains de Givre + Parallel Lines = 25$ + shipping = 30$ CAN-USA / 34$ WORLD
Thisquietarmy + Mains de Givre =17$ + shipping = 22$ CAN-USA / 26$ WORLD
Thisquietarmy + Parallel Lines = 15$ + shipping = 20$ CAN-USA / 24$ WORLD
Mains de Givre + Parallel Lines = 15$ + shipping = 20$ CAN-USA / 24$ WORLD

Aftermath is also available through Basses Fréquences, Esther Marie through textura & 38:22 through Dead Pilot.

29 April 2010

Textura - May 2010 issue

Established in August 2004, textura is a dedicated first-rate monthly publication of experimental and electronic music-related reviews, interviews, and articles. textura has now expanded their activities to being a record label, and is home to Mains de Givre's debut album Esther Marie.

To celebrate the release of the album, Ron Schlepper of textura has generously given me a wonderful center spread piece for this month's publication.

First, a thorough interview about all the projects I'm involved in, with focus on the release of thisquietarmy's Aftermath, coming out on Basses Fréquences April 30th, and of course Mains de Givre's Esther Marie, coming out on textura May 10th.

Ten Questions with Eric Quach:

thisquietarmy's Aftermath is one of the 3 albums of the month:

The first review of Aftermath and a wonderful one:

And last but not least, the front page features the promotion for Mains de Givre's Esther Marie's album, now available!

Many thanks to Ron & textura for this amazing coverage!

23 April 2010

Parallel Lines Bandcamp + Shout outs

Noticed a couple of shout outs on forums such as ATPR & DFFD for my new project Parallel Lines. Also on blogs, such as Venntertainment, Steady Diet (added: May 3rd) & the good people at Norman Records:

Pretty encouraging! Keep them coming and spread the word... it only helps us to get motivated for future recordings --- as you may or may not know, Parallel Lines is a live tri-city project (Montreal-Quebec-Hamilton).

Also, the Parallel Lines bandcamp has been created for better share of our album... Fully streamable: http://parallellines.bandcamp.com

<a href="http://parallellines.bandcamp.com/album/38-22">Part I by Parallel Lines</a>

18 April 2010

Mains de Givre reviews by Fluid Radio & Cyclic Defrost

The first reviews for Mains de Givre's debut album Esther Marie are already come in! Very positive so far, this is a great start. Listen to a sample on the player on the right of this blog, or via our Bandcamp page.

The album will be available on May 10th, 2010 and you can already pre-order it via our label Textura, also home of excellent ambient/experimental coverage since 2004.


Fluid Radio (Daniel Crossley), April 5, 2010:


Cyclic Defrost (Joshua Meggitt), April 13, 2010:

12 April 2010

Parallel Lines CD available!

Parallel Lines is my other side-project with Pascal Asselin/Millimetrik & Ryan Ferguson/Electroluminescent = drum/synth/guitar aventures! Our CD is now available, limited to 200 hand stamped and hand numbered copies in standard windowed sleeve tied with string, from Dead Pilot Records (UK).

They are now available via TQA recs' distro:

They also look so much better in real life, very slick.

10 April 2010

three:four records announces thisquietarmy & Scott Cortez 12" vinyl

This is one I'm very excited about... We've just approved the master and the artwork, which was handled by the three:four french-swiss record label crew.

Let me just tell you something about the artwork: it's one of those records that you would buy just for the cover, even if you don't know the music. Of course, the music is a huge bonus in this case, as it's a a collaboration with one of my biggest influence, Scott Cortez of lovesliescrushing <--- look, thenospacesbetweenwordsbandname --- coincidence? think again! It has always been an homage to them. This will also be thisquietarmy's first slab of vinyl! And the first of three this year only, if all goes as planned. News from three:four : http://www.three-four.net/news

4 April 2010

TQA013-ADS01 & TQA014-ADS02

Aural Diptych Series # 1 : Mains de Givre / thisquietarmy

Release date: April 6th, 2010

Double-split 3" CDR placed on a heavy stock folded & printed insert, packaged in a slick coyote red envelope, with printed artwork by New York City-based artist Elayne Safir. It includes two sets of diptych photography by Montreal-based artist Meryem Yildiz. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES ONLY.

Disc 1 : Mains de Givre | Insomnie à l'ail : 1. Insomnie à l'ail
Disc 2 : thisquietarmy | Drifting/Falling : 1. Part I 2. Part II 3.Part III

Mains de Givre is thisquietarmy's latest side-project with Emilie Livernois-Desroches on violin. Both discs were improvised & recorded during the same session on a single night, October 27th. 2009, by Eric Quach : spontaneous drone/violin sound-making fueled by garlic. Mixed at TQA HQ, Montreal. Listen here: http://www.myspace.com/mainsdegivre


Aural Diptych Series # 2 : Quilt / Hoefizer

Release date: April 6th, 2010

Double-split 3" CDR placed on a heavy stock folded & printed insert, packaged in a slick cactus green envelope, with printed artwork by New York City-based artist Elayne Safir. It includes a set of diptych photography by Montreal-based artist Meryem Yildiz. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES ONLY.

Disc 1 : Quilt | Vague

1. The killers that run / 2. Peggy, Charlie and Francis / 3. A difficult and mysterious word – here – / 4. The more mystery and romance = more sales

Quilt is Seth Graham of the sadly defuncted but incredibly captivating & dynamic 4-piece ambient band Romance of Young Tigers from Dayton, OH. ROYT has released a few recording on Magic Bullet Records (This Will Destroy You, Lymbyc Systym, ec.). Quilt is now based in Brooklyn, NY and this is his 2nd synth-based output under this name. Listen here: http://www.myspace.com/quiltrecords

Disc 2 : Hoefizer | Henning

1. Ideals / 2. Rose hips / 3. Dr. Theman

Hoefizer is David Mitchell from Montreal. He plays bass for Saccidananda & Burls, and runs a local booking/promoting agency. He met Seth/Quilt when he booked a show for ROYT and has since been influenced by their sound. His guitar drones were captured by Patrick Lacharité of Below The Sea/Apillow. Listen here: http://www.myspace.com/hoefizer


Pre-order ADS01 + ADS02 here: http://thisquietarmy.com/records/
Shipping April 6th, 2010

It's actually going fast...