19 April 2011

Vessels CD

Just received a few promo copies of the Vessels CD... it turned out really great!

Photography by the one & only Meryem Yildiz, artwork layout & music by yours truly.

The glued-in booklet is the novelty item in this digipak... Also included, is the CD-only bonus cover song of Joy Division's 'New Dawn Fades'. Both of these elements will not appear on the LP version.

Check it out! Click to zoom:

16 April 2011

Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy - Orange LP available!

Orange Milk Records have the first batch of Orange LPs up for sale on their webstore:

Each one of them is hand printed by Seth Graham in Brooklyn, NY - and they will have different series of colors for each batch. Available in orange or black wax.


++ First reviews by Fluid Radio & Attn Magazine ++

5 April 2011

New Audio Liturgy: Friday April 8th - Brooklyn, NY

thisquietarmy will be performing as part of the NYC/MTL Soundart Alliance, curated by Ha-Yang Kim & The Invisible Dog Art Center.

This will be happening this Friday April 8th, 10pm at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, NY.

This show is free.

An evening of audio liturgy curated by Ha-Yang Kim

Musicians from Montréal and New York’s underground soundart/noise/psychadelic/improv/avant-experimental scene join forces activating poetics of vocalizations, visceral vibrations, shimmering strings, magnificent resonance, and dynamic power electronics for ecstatic new audio liturgy.

Hahn Rowe (NYC) / This Quiet Army (Eric Quach-MTL) / Lichens (Robert Lowe-NYC) / Souffle (Riccardo Lucchesi/Jean-Sébastien Truchy-MTL) / Monstre (Philippe Lambert-MTL) / ES/IS (Riccardo Lucchesi/Jean-Sébastien Truchy/John Chang-NYC) /Ha-Yang Kim (NYC)