30 January 2009

this saturday

Set Times:

Depost Through The 9:15 - 9:45
The Baltic Sea 10 - 10:30
Arms and Sleepers 10:45 - 11:30
Thisquietarmy 11:45 - close

27 January 2009

Fugues compilation feat. TQA reviewed by TSB

Here: http://thesilentballet.com/dnn/Home/tabid/36/ctl/Details/mid/384/ItemID/2106/Default.aspx

Thisquietarmy can produce more than a nocturnal character, and "Summer Isolation," by far the longest track on the compilation appears to be the perfect proof; for once, listening to tqa in full daylight does not seem like an absurd and foolish idea. - Diana S.

Not sure if it's still available, but see this blog entry for more info.

24 January 2009

thisquietarmy Videos

thisquietarmy videos made out of live footage and projections used during performances, between 2007 + 2008; all credits goes to thisquietarmy.

Battlefield Arkestrah:


Mercenary Flags:

22 January 2009

Blackhaunter reviewed in the Montreal Hour

Pick up a copy of the Montreal Hour, read the "Blackhaunter" review (****) by Steve Guimond; throw it out with the rest of the 50,000 or so copies in the recycling bins next week.

If you're environmental-friendly, you can just read it online here: http://www.hour.ca/music/spin.aspx?iIDDisque=5178, but the papers are already printed anyway...

Actually, just read it here:

Steve Guimond

Eric Quach (x-Destroyalldreamers) is the lonely general who commands thisquietarmy, a Montreal instrumental project that has been gathering steam since its inception in 2005. Quach goes it all alone, a guitar in one hand, pedals in the other, loops in another, processors in the next, and a computer in the other, creating a world where these beings live peacefully, slowly, side by side in a stunned seaside embrace. The music is carefully plotted, a turtle's pace for fragile sound worlds to build and collapse, rebuild and collapse. ****

20 January 2009

facebook page

i have created: facebook page.

now whoring.

17 January 2009

tqa-hq improv series: 001

sound and video recorded by webcam;

13 January 2009

Exclusive track on "_post" compilation out on [walnut + locust]

An exclusive Thisquietarmy track "They Have Found Us" is available on "_post", a 3" CDr out on [walnut + locust]. They are available in the Distroboto machines for only 2$! More info: www.distroboto.archivemontreal.org

Spotted them at the Cagibi's Distroboto this weekend (5490 St-Laurent), but they should also appear in some other locations as well.

wl014 - v/a "_post" (3" CDr)
6 bands, 5 exclusive tracks, featuring : Aidan Baker (Canada), .cut & Friends + Agathe Max (Canada/France), Raymonde Howard (France), Molasses (Japan), Thisquietarmy (Canada).

4 January 2009

Thisquietarmy in Cuba

Not for anything music-related though... Fled to an all-inclusive resort from Dec 28th to Jan 4th for the first real vacation in a very very long time. Well-deserved too, after this handful 2008:

* 2 full-length albums released
* 1 book soundtrack ep
* 1 synth-only ep
* 1 single/b-side
* 1 short-film soundtrack
* 1 collaborative album (forthcoming)
* 3 exclusive compilation songs
* 1 remix
* 22 live performances
* 2 full-time jobs

But I actually still cheated: I did some soundwave editing and created some beat-patterns in my hotel room. Can't really stop a workaholic.

2009, who knows... No real plans yet.
Lots of ideas, but as usual, not enough time.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Thisquietarmy this year - whether you have attended a performance, bought a CD, helped to promote, wrote a review or a comment, talked about, passed the word around, gave it listen, anything... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.