28 February 2010

Video trailer for Esther Marie: Mains de Givre debut album

Watch the short video trailer by Meryem Yildiz for Mains de Givre's debut album Esther Marie, out in the spring of 2010 on Textura:

Mains de Givre is a thisquietarmy drone/violin side-project.


1. Un choeur d'âmes en détresse

2. Le cercle des moeurs

3. Cauchemar noir et rouge

4. Larmes sanglantes

Label: Textura

Format: Full-length CD Jacket

Distribution: 500 copies

Release date: April-May 2010

24 February 2010

Nuit Blanche, Saturday Feb. 27th

I will be performing an improvised synth-based set as "hi my quiet tsar" for Nuit Blanche, this upcoming saturday febuary 27th at Galerie Nota Bene, 3416 ave. du Parc. in Montreal.

8:30 : .cut
9:30 : Cloudscapes

10:30 : Les Beyond

11:30 : hi_my_quiet_tsar

12:30 : Montreal Nintendo Orkestar & Johnny Vane
1:30 : Valley Of The Shadow of Death

VJ set all evening long by IV.


21 February 2010

Random updates

Design & packaging for the following albums have been approved and are almost ready to send for printing/pressing:

thisquietarmy - Aftermath (Basses Fréquences, France)
Mains de Givre - Esther Marie (Textura, Canada)
Parallel Lines - 38:22 (Dead Pilot Records, UK)

Things are in motion for April 2010.
Can't wait to reveal the artwork... they won't disappoint.


thisquietarmy appears in the lovesliescrushing Q&A sessions hosted by Ambient Airwaves. You can read it on the LLC facebook fanpage (public).

It mentions my upcoming collaboration with Scott Cortez of LLC, coming out on 12" vinyl through three:four records. Scott was ahead of his time with his brand of guitar ambient for the last 25 years, and has been a huge influence of mine. It's a shame lovesliescrushing isn't more well-known... You should all discover/re-discover this band again. I just received the new 2-cd boxset from him, it's called "girl. echo. suns. veils." and it's amazing.


xxx film/burn/drone xxx night was a pretty good gig, fun... it was nice to have conversations with Dave Bryant, Roger Tellier-Craig & co. tried some new pieces with new video sequences... as always, i try to change something for every set.

"making music is just something you do to keep yourself from putting a bullet in yr head"

I also played last night in trois-rivières, did a tag-team set with Hoefizer, and ended the set with two drum/bass driven tracks... I thought it was appropriate because the event was listed as "electronica", and we played with this trance DJ and none other than 1-speed fuckin' bike. Aidan Girt's breakcore set was off the hook! very entertaining.

11 February 2010

Aidan Baker / thisquietarmy - Loss of Perspective video

My good friends Andrew Krajewski & Marieve Gagnon made us this wonderful video... Really amazing work from them. It deserves to be shared, so please do.


Directed by: Andrew Krajewski and Marieve Gagnon
Cinematography: Andrew Krajewski
Art Direction: Marieve Gagnon
Performers: Audrey Malo, Marieve Gagnon, Francis O'Shaugnessy

5 February 2010

Things to come

Here's a list of finished records to be released this year, including collabs and side-projects. There are obviously more the works, but it's too soon to talk about them. The following have already found a home & the details will be announced in due time.


- Aftermath (CD) --- Basses Fréquences (France)
- Vessels (12") --- Divorce (Canada)


- Drifting/Falling (double-3" CDR split) --- TQA Records (Canada)
- Sunday Afternoon Drones (10") --- Szara (Germany)
- Meridians (w/ Scott Cortez, 12") --- three:four (France/Switzerland)


- Mains de Givre* - Insomnie à l'ail EP re-release (double-3" CDR split) --- TQA Records (Canada)
- Mains de Givre* - Esther Marie LP (CD) --- Textura (Canada)
- Parallel Lines** - 38:22 LP (CDR) --- Dead Pilot Records (UK)

* Mains de Givre is my new violin/drone project with Émilie Livernois-Desroches.
** Parallel Lines is my new kraut-gaze project with Pascal Asselin & Ryan Ferguson.