1 September 2008

Harvested and Brainwashed

Here's the lastest couple of reviews... Great musical essays by Simon Marshall-Jones for Brainwashed.com & Baruhlo for Heathenharvest.com; thanks guys!

* Brainwashed (USA):

Excerpt: 'This is a deeply meditative, holistic album, giving color, shape, and substance to a world caught in the margin between the light and the darkness. Ranging over a wide spectrum of sonic textures, from pure dronefields to acoustic strumming, and from fuzzed-out harmonic blankets to shimmering hazes augmented by the ethereal vocals of Meryem Yildiz, Unconquered represents a veritable cornucopia of riches. That it is the vision of one man heightens the experience all the more.' (by Simon Marshall-Jones)

* Heathen Harvest (USA):

Excerpt: 'All the album has an attention to detail and to its hidden dynamics, all tiny movement merging together in a suspension of long forgotten troops and all inner, mental, battles. Avoiding the more obvious post rock ups and downs, 'Unconquered' has a intrinsic domain, a territory of its own, where these movements tend to clarify as we forgot them and try to experience movement as a whole, traveling as a mystic somnolence.' (by Baruhlo)

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