10 September 2009

Alien8 Recordings presents: Nadja + Aun + thisquietarmy

So, Nadja is back in Canada! First show in Montreal in a year or so...

Funnily enough, it'll be the first thisquietarmy show since I last played with them on the last day of our European tour in Szczcecin, Poland on June 21st. I've played some local gigs since I came back, but they were for the most part improvised or collaborative sets... which were well needed after playing semi-rehearsed material for 3 weeks straight, almost every day.

Also, after several months of inactivity, Casa Del Popolo is back in full operating mode as a legitimate venue! We all missed this place dearly, I've already seen a few shows there since the re-opening this month, and it's stronger than ever!

Looking forward to it!

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