12 December 2009

X-mas & Aarktica remixes compilations from Silber Records

White Silber - A Cold Slow Xmas
Silber Records 2009 Christmas Compilation (free download)
Release Date: Dec. 9th, 2009

This compilation features an exclusive thisquietarmy x-mas track (which is a secret cover/inspired version of a x-mas song... yours to guess), as well as a nice roster including friends Yellow6 & Aarktica, also great bands like Charles Atlas and Northern Valentine. It is offered as a free downloadable via Archive.org:


Aarktica - In Sea Remixes
Silber Records 2009 (CD)
Release Date: Feb. 9th, 2010

Remixes include those from Ramses III, Landing, Yellow6 amongst other, and of course thisquietarmy, remixing the track "Corpse Reviver No. 2".

Email Silber for the details. Darla Records has already started the pre-order, you can check out the details: here.

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