30 January 2010

TQA Records presents: Aural Diptych Series

TQA(R) will be releasing a split series, called Aural Diptych Series (ADS). It follows the same concept as the split record with 2 bands/artists, however each one will have their material on a separate 3" EP CDR, and both will be packaged as one item --- much like a diptych in photography, which uses two different images side by side to form one single artistic statement. Thus: Aural Diptych.

We are once again teaming up with visual artist Meryem Yildiz as she will provide her trademark diptych photography as the artwork to be included in the packages.

The packaging format will follow the custom-made one we did for TQA010, i.e. the thisquietarmy European tour CDR/DVDR w/ photographs. There will also be an option to receive an additional 5" CDR of the split for those who can't use 3" CDs (Mac users & slot CD players).

This said, we are happy to announce the first artists of the ADS series:

ADS 01: Mains de Givre / thisquietarmy | TQA013
ADS 02: Quilt* / Hoefizer | TQA014
ADS 03: Elika / Millimetrik | TQA015

* Quilt: Seth Graham from Romance of Young Tigers.

More info: http://www.thisquietarmy.com/records

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