13 May 2010

Nadja / thisquietarmy European Tour 2009 : a short film

A short film by Eric Quach : thisquietarmy tours across Europe with Nadja in june 2009.

Shot with a shaky digital camera during sporadic moments of inspiration within the 3-week adventure across the landscapes of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Czech Republic & Poland --- the film was quickly assembled and edited in Montreal by Eric Quach in two days, merely a year after it all happened.

A new found hazy and dream-like perspective of the journey is revealed throughout the global overview of the daily change of scenery and events occurring between live performances by both bands in unusual locations such as in a small town Italian restaurant outside of Milan, in the outdoor terrace of a gallery located in a suburb of Stuttgart, on a floating barge at the quay in Lyon, at a multidisciplinary arts center in Eindhoven and in a squatted university building in Frankfurt.

Special thanks to Albanmono, SMVO, Leszek & TAC Live for some of the extra live tqa footage, without which this film would be solely about Nadja and probably would never have been made.

Featured music:

thisquietarmy - Taming the Beast
thisquietarmy - Dronewars
Nadja - No Cure for the Lonely

Nadja / thisquietarmy European Tour 2009 from thisquietarmy on Vimeo.

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