5 September 2010

shows with unFact & Noveller last week

I recently played shows with Noveller & unFact (David Wm Sims of Jesus Lizard) in Toronto (August 28th) and Quebec City (August 31st). It was good to meet them. Thanks to Tad & Luke for setting up the shows.

Not much to say about them; the weather was really hot and humid. I gotta say that it was difficult to enjoy traveling and performing while breathing such heavy air; the atmosphere of both shows were somehow stale, exhaustive and almost depressing. The Toronto show, a saturday, felt like a monday or a tuesday, while the Quebec show was actually on a tuesday - so that was forgivable. I've never liked Toronto, I just get this 'why am I here' feeling every time I'm there, which is like 4-5 times a year. It's hard to get a good show there too, everything is so spread out and there's no tight scene, but I'm always trying to play there because in Canada's biggest city, there's gotta people who likes ambient and I gotta try to conquer them. The urban planning of the city hurts my eyes and makes me nauseous as well - definitely one of my least favorite city, sorry. The pulled-pork Big Fat Burrito in Kensington Market, while pretty good & filling, barely makes up for it, sadly. Speaking of food, one thing I like to do in Quebec City is stock up on pizza and quiches at Le Crac on St-Jean, and put them in the freezer for times you don't feel like cooking in the next month.

Weirdly, the highlight of this mini-tour was actually Hamilton, where I did not perform but drove there a day earlier to hang out with my friend Ryan/Electroluminescent & Beth. We had a good time hitting a lot of bars in town. I barely remember what we did actually, it's a haze, which means we had a good time. We started by getting beer & food at some type of pub-house place; popcorn alligator, sweet potato fries & vegetarian nachos were consumed while playing board games. Then we went to Academia, this sketchy bar on James St. - nicely decorated with airplanes and sports memorabilia left from previous owners. It was empty but we went for the cheap 2.50$ pint. Then we stopped by The Brain where they had a unique selection of beers I've never seen in their fridge, and some weird local encounter. Later, we walked back and bumped into people coming out of a house party. Turns out, it was actually a house show and there were people from Montreal playing! Of course, it was the Hobo Cult tour, with Magic Beach, JLK and Bernardino Femminielli accompanied by JS (of Red Mass, ex-Fly Pan Am, etc.) on bass. We got in just in time for the performance of the latter, which really made our night. We all went out for more beer later at the Four Stars Corner bar or whatever it's called, where more weird encounters ensued... I'll skip the details. We did however managed to stretch the bar's closing time up 'til 2:45am! Closing time in Ontario is 2am, almost felt like we were home.

Next shows will be with Caspian on Sept. 18th & 19th. Should be good times!

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