21 November 2010

First two reviews of DEATH by Textura & Animal Psi

Textura review:

Animal Psi review:

‘Death’ is a collaboration between guitarists and fast-friends Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) and Jon Attwood (Yellow 6). Three tracks over 2 sides, “Sand”, “Furnace”, and “Salt” are a loosely- and minimally-themed triptych of metal-ringed vibrations and elongated effects, bleary and blurry somewhere between the abstraction of Taiga Remains and the cinemaphonics of Steven R. Smith. If necessary, a drone record, ‘Death’ defies the comfort of the category with contours of stringed strum like uneven boards with unsunken nails - snags along the surface – which reveal themselves with time, growing more and more apparent through the 7, 12, then 17 minute tracks which ultimately become a vaporous mass of bled-together tones. Gorgeous but/and longing. Available soon from Basses Frequences HERE

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