9 August 2011

Aural Diptych #6: Electroluminescent / Giant Claw

Aural Diptych #6: Electroluminescent / Giant Claw
Release date: July 14th, 2011


Double-split 3" CDR placed on a heavy stock folded & printed insert, packaged in a felt-textured harvest yellow envelope, with printed artwork by New York City-based artist Elayne Safir. It includes two sets of diptych photography by Montreal-based artist Meryem Yildiz. Inner artwork by Keith Rankin. This releases comes with a digital download code with bonus tracks. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES ONLY.

ADS06 features two psych cosmic synth kraut lovers. Electroluminescent (2nd release on TQA) from Hamilton, ON - presents 'Lost Time', a ambient-driven conceptual storytelling inspired by french new wave cinema, Eric Rohmer's six moral tales in particular. Meanwhile, Giant Claw reciprocates madly with a massive dose of heavy-psychedelic bubbly chiptunes, fittingly titled 'Nuclear Hellearth'.

Disc 1 : Electroluminescent - Lost Time ++ 1. Two Means Yes / 2. Hidden in Books / 3. Faith and Fate / 4. Mystery Collection / 5. A Single Chance / 6. In The Afternoon*

Disc 2 : Giant Claw - Nuclear Hellearth ++ 1. Nuclear Hellearth pt. 1 / 2. Nuclear Hellearth pt. 2* / 3. Open Fields / 4. Nuclear Hellearth pt. 3

* Bonus Digital Tracks (download included)

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