8 January 2012

Adrian Aniol - Arrhythmia OST (TQA020, TQA Records)


Artist: Adrian Aniol
Release: Arrhythmia OST
Release Date: January 12th, 2012
Format: Limited full-length CDR in a handmade deluxe packaging
Promo: tqarecords@gmail.com

We also prepared a press kit here, which includes the one-sheet, press photos & artwork:

The CD is currently available for pre-order with a 5-track preview:


Adrian Anioł is a Polish composer & sound designer.

TQA Records is proud to present his "Arrhythmia OST", the follow-up to "It Falls Apart", his debut release on dark cult American label Utech Records (Locrian, Horseback, Nadja, Mamiffer, James Plotkin, Daniel Menche, etc.).

The score to the late James Hartley's film of the same title is a dark & mysterious journey filled with haunting subsonic ambiances and claustrophobic layers of frigid soundwaves. Ambient and minimal, yet emotionally charged with terrifying imaginative visuals, overbearing industrial atmospheres and loud startling percussive effects, Adrian Anioł has created an incredibly captivating and powerful film soundtrack.
Initially self-released digitally in March 2011, the record was slightly reworked & remixed by Adrian Anioł, mastered by Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) in November 2011 & released in January 2012 by TQA Records.

Adrian Anioł's "Arrhythmia OST" is TQA Records' 1st full-length physical release, which consists of a compelling black top & black bottom CDR, hand-stamped with black acrylic ink. The disc is placed on a hub inside a folded insert, which slides into a thick 80lb A7 grey printed envelope. The package also includes a set of 4 oversize 5x7" photographs and is strictly limited to 100 handmade & numbered copies.


Adrian Aniol - Arrhythmia OST (TQA020)

01. The Opening 02:27
02. Informis Pravitas 03:30
03. In A Darkened Room 04:47
04. Lament 02:11
05. Thoughts Become Noise 02:40
06. 3AM Revelations 02:50
07. The Others 04:20
08. The Permanence 01:49
09. Arrhythmia (In A Heartbeat) 02:11
10. In Black Twilights 02:55
11. The Way Of All Flesh 02:08
12. The Dark Night Of The Soul 03:03
13. Slowly Downward 04:55
14. In Control Of All Things 02:54
15. The Closing 06:05

This recording was made for a 38min independent movie "Arrhythmia" directed by James Hartley (September 13, 1979 - April 22, 2011). Please note that this album was recorded using low-end techniques with purpose.

Composed, arranged, written, performed, and produced by Adrian Anioł.
Saxophone performed by Russell Johnson.
Cello and strings performed by Paul Martin.
Arrhythmia was assembled and mixed by A. Anioł at Withinwithout Studios.
Soundtrack consultant: Dorota Rus.
Mastering: Eric Quach.
Art direction: 21grams inc.

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