7 February 2012

TQA021 - Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy - Eurotour 2011 3xCD (pre-order)


The long awaited 3xCD document from Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy's European tour in 2011 is finally available! This document should have been available sooner, but the magnitude of this project overcame several mutations. In the end, we wanted to present this document as a very limited box set with tons of goodies as to relate the tour experience as much as possible, and to be distributed directly into their hands of our closet fans. No middlemen & no promos for this one! Thus, we have chosen to release it through TQA Records (thisquietarmy's label) & Pirate Ship Records, with the exclusive distribution from Basses Fréquences & Broken Spine Productions (Aidan Baker's label). This document presents 3 live sets on 3 separate black-bottomed discs:

Disc 1 (silver) - Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy - Live in Paris (May 29th, 2011)
Disc 2 (white) - Aidan Baker - Live in Ljubljana (June 7th, 2011)
Disc 3 (black) - thisquietarmy - Live in Ljubljana (June 7th, 2011)

The Paris show was set up by Basses Fréquences, at the Village Label of the Villette Sonique festival for a collaboration between Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy, in which Aidan have decided to play the drums merely five minutes before the show started. Needless to say that this recording has captured an incredibly unique & spontaneous performance that was not rehearsed in any way, and that could never be reproduced again. The solo sets from the Ljubljana concert (set up by Rok Pregelj) were recorded at Menza Pri Koritu with the collaboration of the venue's soundman Marko Trsenjak. Aidan's set was completely improvised, while thisquietarmy's set incorporates some open-ended song structures from his latest releases mixed with several improvised segments.

Additionally, we have included a tour report, a tour diary (written by Eric Quach), 3 flyers from the Bochum (designed by Dimitrios Kaitsis), Paris (designed by Jerome Moncada) & Ljubljana (designed by Zoran Pungercar) show and an unique set of 6 photographs randomly picked from 100 photos taken during the tour by Eric Quach. All of these items fit inside an elegant white A7 envelope, on which was printed a photograph of Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy, taken the morning after the first show of the tour in Bochum, Germany by Cristobal Marquez (who also took the pictures for the front/back artwork cover).

The whole thing is enclosed inside a beautiful white DVD triple-case. Lastly, every case is decorated with an old and unique European stamp, and also includes a custom-made guitar pick embedded with Pirate Ship Records' & TQA Records' logos. Everything was designed, printed, cut and hand-assembled by Eric Quach, with the help of Jason Sykes.

Release date: Febuary 14th, 2012. Price: 25$

Pre-order between Febuary 7th & Febuary 13th to reserve your copy - specially priced at only 20$ + shipping, here: http://thisquietarmy.storenvy.com/products/256477-tqa021-aidan-baker-thisquietarmy-eurotour-2011-3xcd

Also available digitally here: http://tqarecords.bandcamp.com/album/tqa021-aidan-baker-thisquietarmy-document-eurotour-2011-live-in-paris-ljubljana


######### UPDATE ##########

50 copies, SOLD OUT IN 8 HOURS via thisquietarmy/TQA RECORDS.

Please pick it up through Pirate Ship Records... they have about 10 copies left.

If it's sold out there, Aidan Baker will hopefully receive his copies for his EU tour next week with A-Sun Amissa.
Also, Basses Fréquences will carry a few copies next week as well.

Thanks a lot for all your enthusiasm!


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