17 September 2012

Pre-orders Exorcisms LP on Denovali

Thick glossy covers + thick glossy printed inner sleeves. 180g vinyl, free mp3 download code (download includes bonus material!). This is bone+clear vinyl, limited to 150 pieces! Also available in black vinyl, limited to 200 pieces.

"In the fall of 2010, the New Harbours Music Series collective has invited Eric Quach to perform at the Christ's Church Cathedral, a 19th century historical building of architectural beauty in the center of the city of Hamilton, Canada. Without any preparation, he took the opportunity to record an improvised live set in front of an audience. Less than a year later, he returned for a second performance to complement his inceptive works. Mixed & edited as proper tracks during the winter & summer of 2012, both unique performances are respectfully presented on side A & B of a 12" vinyl.

Armed with his electric axe through a lethal arsenal of effect pedals & amplifiers, Quach brings out the demons by launching an ascent of drones into the throne. Once the uprise hits the cathedral walls, the propagating discord takes a life of their own and multiplies like evil spirits. As the struggle to tame and control them only make them grow louder and more powerful, the dark overwhelming waves of vibrations fill up the atmosphere like demonic clouds and come crashing down with an infernal intensity. Both side of the records present thisquietarmy's attempts to cast out the spiritual entities that he creates, from the possessed holy church. Not for the faint of heart. Between mid september and mid november 2012 for seven weeks on tour in europe (partly w/ Caspian and Year Of No Light)."

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