25 January 2013

Aftermath + Setting Ashes 2xLP


"Aftermath" was recorded in 2008-2009 and initially released on CD in 2010. At the time, the album was partially inspired and in respect to aesthetics by the works of German visual artist Anselm Kiefer: the imaginary setting takes place in the post-apocalyptic countryside and revolves around fallen angels as unexploded ordnances. In parallel, the compositions were also inspired by the sounds of crackling tubes and failing resistors captured from old vintage amplifiers during the recording process. Drones and melodies were built around these hissing sounds to create moods of tension and transitions from the remnants of destruction. These static interferences thus remained as important compositional elements, as if the whole themed-universe of the record stems from a faraway buzz, in which the dawn of a new era reveals itself. With "Aftermath", thisquietarmy manages to create the perfect light and heavy post-nuclear winter atmosphere, with a glimmer of hope appearing slowly like sun rays through massive clouds of dust. 

"Setting Ashes" is in some way a coda to "Aftermath" as it was recorded in 2009 from a live improvised performance during the creative process of "Aftermath". The context of this recording took place during a thisquietarmy-curated event called "Sunday Afternoon Drones" in a Montreal Mile-end café, which the decaying decor of a 1970's apothecary remained. Initially intended for an EP to be released shortly after "Aftermath", these recordings have never found their way out until now. They were dug up for this special 2LP vinyl re-issue on Denovali Records in 2013. 

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