10 June 2008

Entry for no one

I'm obviously not updating. Mainly, because no one is reading because I haven't publicized this. So for those who are reading, well... this is a random entry. I can't be arsed to make the effort to make a nice layout. I did try at some point, but unfortunately between work and music, I don't have time.

What else. I'm recording an EP for Elevation Recordings. Although it's turning into an album because some songs are just too long, past the 40-minute mark. It's currently in the DIY mastering process... which drives me as insane as the mixing process.

I'm trying to book some U.S. dates for the end of august, but I'm starting to lose my motivation... All I really want to do is not do anything for a while. But maybe that's not true either. If anyone in NY, MA, RI, NH, CT, PA, etc. wants to book me from August 26th-31st, get in touch.


I also got some more reviews for 'Unconquered':

* Imperiumi.net (Finland):

* Nothingatall.net (UK):

* Vital Weekly (Holland):

* Exclaim! (Canada):

* The Metal Observer (Canada/Germany):

* Music-Scan (Germany):

* noiZine (Greece):

* Built On A Weak Spot (USA):

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