3 July 2008

Control & Lopez

Someone stole Ian Curtis' gravestone. Gah. Maybe someone have just seen Control, and believed that he's just the way Debbie has portrayed him. Anyway, good movie - see it if you haven't already, the pictures are gorgeous, signed Anton Corbijn.


In other news, I went to see Francisco Lopez earlier this week. By "went to see", I mean I got blindfolded and sat in an outward concentric circle in the middle of a quadraphonic sound system configuration at the Sala Rossa, while he played (well, I don't know what he did, as I was blindfolded) ambient sounds. Unfortunately, they had to turn of the A/C probably because it would've distracted the whole experience, and it has gotten almost unbearably hot for the whole performance, which made it hard to get into because of the discomfort. The best part is the ending, when the sounds faded and you didn't know if it was finished or if something was coming back to frighten us. Someone started to bang their hands together, and the rest of the sheep followed and that was it.

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