18 July 2008

Olafur Arnalds show

Tuesday night, I got a panic email from my co-promoter Steve from Suoni Per Il Popolo / Sala Rossa pointing me to The Drake Hotel's website, where it said that Olafur Arnalds & co. canceled their show in Toronto because their touring broke down in the middle of nowhere, Michigan.

With the help of Caleb from ericrock.com I managed to track them down. They were getting a new van from Chicago the next morning, which arrived a lot later than expected. Add the canadian border delays and the usual traffic jam through Mississauga/Toronto (note to self, always use the paying highway 407), Oli & crew got to the venue close to 11pm, while I was performing - after a 13 hours drive, and I had plug & play almost immediately as it was getting late.

That was one hell of a stressful night, but everything ended well. The turnout was good for a Wednesday, all expenses were covered - everyone's set were very good, especially Olafur's which was quite beautiful & heartbreaking. Thanks to Saccidananda & Suoni Per Il Popolo. You can check out some pics of the evening here.

Also, yes. I performed with the addition of an analog moog synth for the first time, adding basslines and leads. I did an impulsive & improvised strictly-synth set at lab.synthese back in may, but that was pretty free & experimental. This time, it blended well with the regular TQA material.

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