16 October 2008

Christy Romanick's VLA book soundtracked by Thisquietarmy: pre-order now!

Christy Romanick's "Very Large Array" book features a series of colored photographs shot in San Agustin, New Mexico. Christy captures the beauty and eeriness of VLA satellites occupying an isolated desert landscape. Also included is an exclusive 30 minute soundtrack cd titled "Transmissions to 3774379 258421 13S" by Montreal musician Thisquietarmy.

To read more about the book and to hear 3 songs from this soundtrack go here: http://www.myspace.com/space30a

Space30a will be releasing the 20 page soft-covered 5.75 x 7.75 book late Autumn 2008. This is the first pressing of 50 signed and numbered copies. The cost is $25 US dollars which includes shipping*. We're taking pre orders now:


About Thisquietarmy:

Thisquietarmy is the ambient/drone project of Eric Quach, from Montreal post-shoegazer band Destroyalldreamers. Armed with several effects and loop-samplers, his guitar-based sonic experimentations challenge the boundaries of the conventional guitar-drone mould by combining both non-frigid song structure and ambiance together, blending layers of textures over textures, merging faint growing melodies into a beautiful sea of noise.

For this conceptual soundtrack to Christy's breathtaking photographs, Thisquietarmy recreates the transmissions received through the various hybrid configurations (BnA, CnB, DnC) of the Very Large Array dishes in New Mexico located at 3774379 258421 13S on the grid-based UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinate system of the Earth's surface. Different sounds from outer space are captured through the different configurations such as the first televised transmission returning from space, signals from lost spacecrafts and random outer space phenomenons.

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