22 January 2009

Blackhaunter reviewed in the Montreal Hour

Pick up a copy of the Montreal Hour, read the "Blackhaunter" review (****) by Steve Guimond; throw it out with the rest of the 50,000 or so copies in the recycling bins next week.

If you're environmental-friendly, you can just read it online here: http://www.hour.ca/music/spin.aspx?iIDDisque=5178, but the papers are already printed anyway...

Actually, just read it here:

Steve Guimond

Eric Quach (x-Destroyalldreamers) is the lonely general who commands thisquietarmy, a Montreal instrumental project that has been gathering steam since its inception in 2005. Quach goes it all alone, a guitar in one hand, pedals in the other, loops in another, processors in the next, and a computer in the other, creating a world where these beings live peacefully, slowly, side by side in a stunned seaside embrace. The music is carefully plotted, a turtle's pace for fragile sound worlds to build and collapse, rebuild and collapse. ****

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