4 January 2009

Thisquietarmy in Cuba

Not for anything music-related though... Fled to an all-inclusive resort from Dec 28th to Jan 4th for the first real vacation in a very very long time. Well-deserved too, after this handful 2008:

* 2 full-length albums released
* 1 book soundtrack ep
* 1 synth-only ep
* 1 single/b-side
* 1 short-film soundtrack
* 1 collaborative album (forthcoming)
* 3 exclusive compilation songs
* 1 remix
* 22 live performances
* 2 full-time jobs

But I actually still cheated: I did some soundwave editing and created some beat-patterns in my hotel room. Can't really stop a workaholic.

2009, who knows... No real plans yet.
Lots of ideas, but as usual, not enough time.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Thisquietarmy this year - whether you have attended a performance, bought a CD, helped to promote, wrote a review or a comment, talked about, passed the word around, gave it listen, anything... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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m* said...

i, too, want sun, sea & skies.