24 February 2009

Caspian/thisquietarmy show moved to Divan Orange

ok, fuck this city.
the cops have shut down casa del popolo.

this sounds all too familiar.

remember when they shut down the main hall?
well, we still haven't recovered from that one.

re: the under the snow festival, the organizer has been hella quick on this one.
the caspian/thisquietarmy show march 12th, has been moved to divan orange,
the yellow6/apillow show march 14th, has been moved to il motore.

there is still the kimika/indian ocean show,
the angil & the hiddentracks/heliodrome show to move.

there is damage control to be done, but still. fuck this city, new yuppies moving on st-laurent, aka THE MAIN, with their noise complaints, attracting cops and inspectors into our humble sanctuary for culture, arts & music.

edit: casa del popolo will still be serving food, and make the proper renovations as to abide to city laws.


new show info:

Caspian / thisquietarmy
Thursday March 12th, 2009
Divan Orange, 4234 St-Laurent
Montreal, QC


Rich said...

do i dare ask why?


eh, just licences, permits, city laws.

Vincent Yip said...

i was just wondering what time is the show going to start and how much is the door fee?

I checked the Le Divan Orange's site and there seems to be no info.

See you there! :)


hey! it's still 8$ at the door i believe... tickets are available at Cheap Thrills, Atom Heart & L'Oblique --- always a good idea to get them if you can! or come early... doors are at 8:30pm or 9pm... should start at 9:30pm.