1 March 2009

It's march already

I've been working on a new album, or three, since November.

Practicing for upcoming shows inspired songwriting, but songwriting means you have an idea of what the song should sound like, and then you try to do it, and when you do it, it doesn't have the same impact as the non-existent fantasy song you had in mind. Those will probably take longer to finish. What's closer to being done are tracks, not songs, based on improvisation. Play-improvise-record. Then editing & isolating, overdubbing if necessary, crafting them into little masterpieces. Then finding links between them, themes, concepts, leaving some behind.

The past 3 weeks was an important turning point in its creation, and has set up a specific path to follow. Daily dedication & not much of any kind of social life nor elongated sleep patterns, following eight-hour workdays. I guess I am about 75% done with getting one album done, and pretty much fine-tuning at this point. Don't worry, it probably won't come out for at least another six months. I am in no hurry of having yet another release, but the whole label-production-promotion machine does take a lot of time & planning.

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