1 June 2010

Aural Diptych Series reviews

TQA Records' Aural Diptych Series are featured on Hard Format, a wonderful blog whose headline is "Reaching for the sublime in music design" --- I'm honored to be part of it. Thanks Colin!

Inspired by reputed magazines such as The Wire covering their favorite covers or art books covering CD packaging such as this one, Hard Format focuses on their favorite records covers and design packaging, some revisited old favorites but mostly new and current contemporary works being produced in the now. One of my favorite blog to spend an afternoon on, browsing their archive. Take a look:

The latest June issue of Textura also features a review of the music featured on the first two Aural Diptych Series. Mains de Givre/thisquietarmy & Quilt/Hoefizer are given the heads up by Ron Schlepper:

We do have a few left of these two releases --- limited to 100 copies only...
Don't wait up, get them while you still can: here.

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