3 July 2009

Nightlife Magazine reviews Transmissions!

Local Nightlife magazine reviews Transmissions (Alien8):

thisquietarmy - Transmissions (Alien8)

Melodic drone and atmospheric noise is like classical music for rave babies reaching maturity (or beyond). While classical music is largely based upon natural sounds, our unnatural environment is a major influence (as are film soundtracks, of course). In fact, this album is intended to be a soundtrack for Christy Romanick’s book, Very Large Array, which comes with the digital download. It’s also inspired by the intersection between nature (space) and technology (TV transmissions). But the best thing about Transmissions is the music, which is exceptionally beautiful and atmospheric. Gentle, melodic and as big as space, tune in to receive thisquietarmy’s excellent Transmissions. (LC) 4.5/5


Labelmate, fellow droner and friend Aun also got a good one for Motorsleep:

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