8 October 2009

Om/Lichens/thisquietarmy + FSQ2009 new media installation

This weekend, thisquietarmy clones itself.

Firstly - I'd like to thank Blues Skies Turn Black for giving me the opening spot of the Om/Lichens show Saturday, October 10th @ La Sala Rossa.

Mighty San Francisco heavy duo OM will finally perform their long-awaited debut in Montreal following the release of their most recent album on Drag City. Joining OM on tour is LICHENS (aka Rob Lowe of 90 Day Men, Singer). Opening up the night will be local drone solo artist THISQUIETARMY. This will be a great show and should not be missed!!

Secondly, I will contribute to the new media expo of the FSQ called "Place de la Cyber-convergence", which offers FSQ participants the space to converge with others virtually. The premise is to stimulate online interaction by offering a number of computers where people can post blog entries, Twitter, snap photos or videos, and more! An integral aspect of this space is to inspire creative expression by embedding participants within a new media landscape, exhibiting new media creations such as video installations, electronic music, and performance art.

To come to the event, register for the Quebec Social Forum online at http://www.fsq2009.org or at the Cégép.

Art by:

Krzys Cyga
Myriam Jacob-Allard & Florence S. Larose
Hubert R. de Roy
Shereen Soliman
Barbara Zemelka
Academy of Art Video Art

The Expo will take place Satuday and Sunday 9am to 5pm in room 9.81 at Cégép du Vieux Montréal (Ontario corner Sanguinet) along with a number of other expos on the same floor.

The Thisquietarmy installation will be visual and music, tqa-style - much like my live performances, only I won't be doing it live, and it will be looped throughout the weekend.

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