21 October 2009

short break from music: painting

before the whole music thing started, there was painting.
slowly, painting faded away then disappeared. work & music took priority etc.

i took a short break from music for the last week or so, and did a few, after a friend had commissioned me for one. i've never accepted before, but i thought it would be a good challenge, and i have a bit more time these days. maybe these can be used for album artwork in the future, who knows. so, here's what i did:


the hawk & the fireball, 16"x16", acrylics & sharpies >>>>>
started - summer 2008?
completed - october 2009

entangled, 8"x16", acrylics >>>>>
october 2009

burial, 8"x8"x3", acrylics >>>>>
started - 2006?
completed - october 2009

untitled/for eld, 2x 8"x16", acrylics >>>>>
commissioned painting for eld - pre-selected colors by client;
october 2009


you can check more selected works in this album.

ok, i'm going back to work on my next three or four records now.

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