13 October 2009

Chat Blanc Records/P572 Book + CD Available with exclusive TQA track

P572 & Chat Blanc Records, two labels from Quebec City, have put out a collective 166 pages book called "5 ans de musique et de révolution". It contains information on their releases, pictures of artists, manifestos, posters & a lot more. The book also comes with an exclusive CD compilation with exclusive tracks, including one by thisquietarmy: "Aluminum Twin Snakes".

Here's the complete tracklist:


01. Darren Hayman - Zeros and Ones
02. Mathématique - Hands
03. PRINCESS & MURDOCK - The length of nature
04. Oromocto Diamond - Diamond March
05. Jane Ehrhardt - Emergency (live)
06. Keith Kouna – Petite Fée
07. (swedish) Death Polka - Columbia Final
08. Millimetrik remixe Auburn Lull - Grange arcade

Chat Blanc Records
09. Port-Royal - Putin vs Valery (Ambidextrous remix)
10. Electroluminescent - The trip and the toll
11. Epic45 - A clear day
12. DNT – Prise
13. Building castles out of matchsticks – The love of my life
14. Galerie Stratique - Caravane Hallucinée
15. thisquietarmy - Aluminum twin snakes
16. Le chat blanc orchestra - Crescendo's are prohibited (Aidan Baker remix)


It's a heavy but beautiful book, which makes the shipping prices outrageous, sorry... We have a few copies available now via TQA Records' distribution --- the website is not yet updated but you can paypal the money to: thisquietarmy at gmail dot com.

28$ PP = Canada (CDN)
32$ PP = USA (USD)
25€ PP = World (Euros)

I'll even throw in some TQA goodies... stickers, flyers, pins, even random CD-Rs.

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