30 April 2010

Aftermath & Esther Marie now available!

We have received thisquietarmy's Aftermath CDs! Unfortunately there is a little misprint on the front cover (as well as a discoloration in the inside panel, not shown here) :

It would take quite some time for the pressing plant to fix their mistake. After lengthy discussions with the label Basses Fréquences, we decided to make them available as is, in time for the planned release date (today). However, measures are still being taken to correct the mistake and we will switch the digipaks of our stock CDs when the correct ones will arrive from the pressing plant... it could take up to a month. This will also mean that misprinted version will be very limited (collector's item, anyone?)

This being said --- it is really your choice. Do you want to wait for the proper artwork as it was intended to be, or are you too anxious to hear the music and want to own a copy of the limited edition misprinted version? If you fall in the latter category, place your order now! You might also have the possibility to acquire a corrected version of the digipak later, that could be included with your next order or for shipping fees --- although you know how shipping is costly these days.



> Mains de Givre's debut album "Esther Marie" (Textura, Canada) : gatefold jacket CD
> Thisquietarmy's 4th album "Aftermath" (Basses Frequences, France) : digipak CD
> Parallel Lines's debut album "38:22" (Dead Pilot Records, UK) : thick windowed sleeve & string CD

Take advantage of our special bundles :

Thisquietarmy + Mains de Givre + Parallel Lines = 25$ + shipping = 30$ CAN-USA / 34$ WORLD
Thisquietarmy + Mains de Givre =17$ + shipping = 22$ CAN-USA / 26$ WORLD
Thisquietarmy + Parallel Lines = 15$ + shipping = 20$ CAN-USA / 24$ WORLD
Mains de Givre + Parallel Lines = 15$ + shipping = 20$ CAN-USA / 24$ WORLD

Aftermath is also available through Basses Fréquences, Esther Marie through textura & 38:22 through Dead Pilot.

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