29 April 2010

Textura - May 2010 issue

Established in August 2004, textura is a dedicated first-rate monthly publication of experimental and electronic music-related reviews, interviews, and articles. textura has now expanded their activities to being a record label, and is home to Mains de Givre's debut album Esther Marie.

To celebrate the release of the album, Ron Schlepper of textura has generously given me a wonderful center spread piece for this month's publication.

First, a thorough interview about all the projects I'm involved in, with focus on the release of thisquietarmy's Aftermath, coming out on Basses Fréquences April 30th, and of course Mains de Givre's Esther Marie, coming out on textura May 10th.

Ten Questions with Eric Quach:

thisquietarmy's Aftermath is one of the 3 albums of the month:

The first review of Aftermath and a wonderful one:

And last but not least, the front page features the promotion for Mains de Givre's Esther Marie's album, now available!

Many thanks to Ron & textura for this amazing coverage!

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