27 October 2010

CKUT live performance available

You can listen to the live in-studio performance I did yesterday afternoon, for of the Kitchen Bang Bang Law funding drive show, which aired on the radio. Two 10-minutes improvised compositions.

You can download it in the CKUT archive:

Tuesday October 26th, 2010
Hour 2: 10'30-40'00


Graeme Wilson said...

i enjoyed these while eating a lovely sashimi meal before the swans gig :)


hehe awesome... hope swans made your ears bleed.

Graeme Wilson said...

they were louder when i saw them in 1997 :) the KoKo is not the best venue for projection of sound. I got a good blast when i stood in front of the speaker next to the stage... 10 meters back and it was much quieter :(

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