2 June 2011


We got into Luxembourg early afternoon. The first two things we noticed was how low the diesel price was compared to all the countries we've been through so far, and how much old people there was everywhere. According to wikipedia, the country has a representative democracy with a constitutional monarch, ruled by a grand duke. It is the world's only remaining sovereign grand duchy and the country has the world's highest GDP per capita. Does this sound like a good place to play dark, underground experimental music? Hmm.

We went to check out Café Rocas, the venue where we were playing and bumped into Gianni, the new drummer from Below the Sea, who lived in Montreal for a few years. He was in the area and came to greet us - that was a nice surprise! He pointed us to the cheapest food joint in the town's center and suggested us to take a walk around the walls of the city.

As for the show, it was a nice place to play but it was not well attended at all. Not sure if the fact that it was Ascension day and that everyone was away on holidays might have been a factor in this. A lot of friends who played there in the past (Below the Sea, Electroluminescent, Arms & Sleepers, etc.) have had great experiences... Sorry to say that Luxembourg was the probably one of the biggest disappointment of our tour.

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