3 June 2011


We stayed at our friend Sam (Chez Kito Kat), who lives right in between Luxembourg and Metz, which was great as it would only take 45 minutes to go to town. We took advantage of it and stayed in most of the day, caught on sleep, emails, relaxing in the sunny backyard while LPs were spinning at 33 1/3 rpm. It was a nice day.

We played at a place called Eurofoot Café, which... sounds exactly like it is: TV screens and football jersey everywhere, very football-themed with fooseball and pool tables, ugly dirty blue foamy/bubbly-like wall textures. The place looked horrible. However, the promoter & his crew did everything they could to try and embellish the place to create a warm atmosphere, taping walls of paper to cover up all the junk.

But we still weren't into the vibe of the place, so much that we didn't even bother setting up the merch table for this gig. We had to wait for the football match to end before we could start playing, some people were playing pool while we played and there was this strong smell of artificial coconut that was really grating the whole time. Again, the show was poorly attended; the locals said it's because it was a Friday and small town people just want to party and get wasted... I took the opportunity to try out a pretty new noisy/heavy song that I haven't been able to play live yet, and I thought I did some pretty unusual improvisations as well - too bad I didn't record this set as I really enjoyed played that one!

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