27 May 2011


The first show of the tour in Bochum took place in some kind of art center called FKT. We were greeted by Dimitri from thepostrock.de & his crew who were very welcoming! We were maybe supposed to play outside, but the rain and the wind were pretty menacing a few hours prior to our arrival, so it was decided to play indoors, in this white room at the end of the hall.

There was no PA/Soundsystem, so we had to play through a SoundCity/SunnO))) amp lent by Kodiak - which, while pretty powerful (the ceiling was falling on my head, while I was soundchecking, realizing it wasn't dandruff but cement powder), it didn't have enough range for my sound... the tubes were also distorting loudly the whole time and it wasn't very pleasant.

Anyway, the whole night was resumed quite well by thepostrock.de: here (google-translate if you don't speak German).

Here's another review.

Photos by Seb Eckert:

More photos from FKT photographer Cristobal Marquez:

Other tidbits:

- I had a schnitzel for supper. Very german!

- Sold the most merch in Bochum - that was a great start, though it all went downhill from there, until the last show of the tour in Hamburg (which topped it off), funnily enough...

- Timo & Thomas of Denovali were at the show, and it was very nice to meet them. Denovali will be re-issuing Unconquered in 2xLP and releasing my new album Resurgence in CD/2xLP. Very excited about this new partnership! They're a lovely label...

- The hostel we were put at was some christian hostel named after this guy "enthusiastic about Jesus Christ and his church loved him with its lights and shadows", I can't remember the name now... but I did not sleep very well that night. Also, because there were drunk people yelling outside all night.

- Aidan Baker & I had a photo shoot with Cristobal in the park the next day after breakfast (where we avoided tomatoes and cucumbers, because the whole e.coli thing...). Poses with guitars, lying down on the grass, in reverse head-to-head, etc. Quite funny/awkward.

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