30 May 2011

Northern France (day-off)

We couldn't get another show in the area on a monday... Though, we were offered a couple of options a bit too on the west side, and it'd be a much too long ride to Belgium the next day. So we had the day off... Instead of hanging out in mad-Paris, we decided to take a long ride in the northern countryside.

We found the gallo-roman ruins of Champlieu, where there used to be a temple, a roman theater & baths:

Then we stopped in Compiègne to grab lunch. By the time we got there, everything was about to close, from noon to 2pm (sieste time) - even the parking meters.

Then we found a pamphlet at the tourist info for Coucy-Le-Château, so we decided to check it out:

And finally, we went to see the Canadian Vimy Ridge memorial and its trenches:

Back to Wanquetin to spend the night with more food and Belgian beers! We also watched music DVDs on the big screen & projector.

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