28 May 2011


Wanquetin is a very small town near Arras, in the North of France. Though there are trains from Paris or Lille to Arras, the only way to get to Wanquetin is by car. As you can imagine, it is always a struggle to have people come to the Plané Ari Home Gigs.

However, the intimacy and the warm welcoming reception from Marc is unparalleled. Lifts to/from the house can be provided, as well as the possibility of lodging or even camping in the backyard. To make it even more attractive, a concert-meal option (limited seating) is offered for each event, which means that concert attendees have the possibility to stay to eat with everyone after the show: the stage is cleared and the living room gets filled with tables and chairs to enjoy a nice home-cooked late-night complete dinner with main course, dessert & coffee/tea.

I recommend any ambient/experimental/electro-folk artist and music fans to try to play or attend a show there, definitely worth the trip! Pillows, couches or chairs are provided, depending whether you prefer to lay down or not. There was maybe 15 people at our show (there were a lot of last-minute cancellation the same day), but they were a great bunch, all very attentive, quiet and respectful... Perfect ambient show atmosphere. I played a completely improvised ambient set for the occasion.

Here's a picture of Aidan Baker on stage:

If that's not enough to convince you, maybe this will:

The best beer fridge ever!!! Filled with Marc's incredible selection of amazing beers for only 1.50 euros!!! My favorite were the Corsendonk and La Chouffe.

More??? Alright. On the top floor of the house, there are 4 spare bedrooms and a separate bathroom. Aidan and I each had our own room. Behind the door of each room, the internet password is written. Enough said, why would you ever leave this house.

There's even a donkey in the backyard! Come on, Paris - you have no idea what you're missing.

Marc also runs his radio show from there, as Docteur Adams.

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