10 June 2009


We arrived in Utrecht, a lot of time to go for a long walk in the city, eat fries by the canal, get postcards and visit the Dom. The show was at DB's, a big music studio complex with practice spaces, bar, café, venue in the industrial area. Again, the sound was horrible --- it was hard to deal with a soundman that constantly tries to change your sound when the output only comes out of a on-stage mixer. There was also problems with the in-house projector, so we had to use mine (smaller projection). My power supplies and adapters were still very loose, with layers of duct tape. 78rpm, the local band opening for us, took the whole stage and we couldn't leave our equipment on stage, there was a lot of stress dealing with moving and replugging them. Nonetheless, there was a good crowd that night and the response was great.

A video recording of the whole performance can be found here.

We slept at the promoter's cosy apartment.
We ate pasta at the venue.

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