26 June 2009

Europe Tour Recap


I am back from the European tour with Nadja!

17 shows in 21 days, in 7 countries --- some 7000 km or so! Quite a lot of road and a lot of work, but it was a pretty great experience. As always, some surprises and some disappointments but still successful enough, especially for a first TQA tour.

Favorite shows were in Paris, Berlin & Krakow, though honorable mentions to Esslingen for having the show in an outdoor museums, Lyon for being in a boat and Eindhoven for the great arts center & its crew --- though every city had something special and/or different that will always be remembered, and I would go back to play in each one of them.

Many thanks to everyone who showed up, talked to us, promoted the shows, made us food, provided us a place to stay & entertained us. It's these little things that make it nice and enjoyable on the road.

I will attempt to do a recap in the next few days, with pictures, diaries, reviews and everything. Maybe it might get redundant and boring, who knows... thus the emphasis on attempt.

Stay tuned and check back in time as entries for every day are being added!

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